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With one of the largest lumber yards in the Bay Area, Coastal Lumber is your best source for all your building needs. Whether you’re a commercial builder. a general contractor or a home owner, we can help you find the quality and quantity of lumber materials you’re looking for!

Coastal Lumber is your outdoor decking specialist! We offer raw materials for both natural Redwood and Composite decks by Nylodeck along with installation services for either deck type. For sturdy, long-lasting and beautiful outdoor decks, we you get the job done right.

Coastal Lumber is the number one source for quality made fencing materials installations in the Bay Area. We feature a wide variety of fencing sizes and styles, including Redwood , Red Cedar. Douglas Fir. Vinyl Fencing. Ornamental Iron. Aluminum and Chain Link fence.

Serving Bay Area Contractors and Builders for Over 25 Years

Coastal Lumber is a locally-based, family owned business with a history of service in the Bay Area stretching nearly three decades. In that time, we’ve become known as the premier supplier of lumber, fencing and decking materials for builders throughout our region. Our commitment to you is complete customer satisfaction with fast, reliable and competitive lumber solutions. We service the entire Bay Area and our lumber yard, located in the heart of San Jose, CA, is open to the public and general contractors. We invite you to call or come it today for a FREE consultation or an estimate on your next building project.


Coastal Lumber is an authorized distributor for three of America’s leading manufacturers; Bufftech and DuraMax vinyl fencing. One of the great advantages of composite decking and vinyl fencing is the very low maintenance which requires only periodic cleaning to stay looking good for years to come. Composite decking and vinyl fencing from Coastal Lumber doesn’t deteriorate over time due to harsh weather or insect infestations. It’s also splinter-free and maintains traction, even when wet. To learn more about composite decking and vinyl fencing from Nylodeck, Bufftech or DuraMax, just call Coastal Lumber or come in for a demonstration and pricing details.

Understanding Dynamics Document Management #crm #document #management


Understanding Dynamics Document Management

Microsoft SharePoint allows you to store your documents and manage them from within Dynamics CRM using the Dynamics document management capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint. By integrating Dynamics CRM with SharePoint, you can be able to access, share, and even collaborate more effectively and protect your documents in SharePoint from any unauthorized access and/or use. You can also avoid this by managing permissions for a list, list item, document, library, or folder.

Understanding Dynamics Document Management

Enabling document management on entities

Managing documents for an entity requires you to enable document management for that particular entity, which can be done on SharePoint. Normally, document management is auto-enabled (by default) on the following entities after enabling document management for your organization:

Define the entities that manage documents on Dynamics CRM in the dialog box: DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SETTINGS.

Documents related to Dynamics CRM entity records are stored in SharePoint and quickly accessed, shared, and managed from Dynamics CRM after enabling documents management on these entities.

1. Ensure you possess the System Admin security role in Dynamics CRM/ Read and Write privileges on all customizable record types.

2. Follows the right steps depending on the app (CRM web application or CRM for outlook) you are using

3. For the documents you wish to manage in SharePoint, select the entities

4. Specify the site s URL to create documents locations and folders, then click NEXT.Under the corresponding document library for an entity, a folder for every record is created by default. For instance, for an opportunity record “200 Books”, a corresponding document library “opportunity” is instantly created. In it, a folder “200 Books” is created. The resulting path is. /opportunity/200 Books.

5. For the folders to be created in the parent account or contact section, click the BASED ON ENTITY check box. Find the list next to that check box and click ACCOUNT or CONTACT.
Remember that when selecting this option, the relevant folders are created under the relevant account/ contact folder.

The structure would be …/account/Tom’s Education/opportunity/200 Books where “account” is the document library for the specific document library for the referenced entity selected from the list, and “Tom’s Education” as the folder for the particular referenced record of the entity selected, i.e. opportunity.

Dynamics CRM will create document libraries for the entities selected on SharePoint. Alternatively, Dynamics CRM also creates the relevant or corresponding document location records containing the links to the document libraries. In the DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT wizard, you can view the creation of these document libraries.

After you set up document management, document libraries folder are created by SharePoint in the context of the Dynamics CRM entities and records.

How Does Dynamics Document Management Work?

On setting up document management, specify a SharePoint is site URL or site collection where the documents will be kept. Dynamics CRM uses the site collection to create document libraries on SharePoint for entities and records. For every document library and folder created automatically on SharePoint, a corresponding document location record is created on Dynamics CRM, pointing to the newly created folder.

For those who do not wish to use the automatic feature, they can create document libraries folder (manually) on SharePoint, then proceed to create document location records in CRM, pointing to the document libraries folder on Microsoft SharePoint, and then relate the document location records with the relevant entity records.

When the folder structure for storing the documents is put in place, you may start enjoying the document management capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics while ensuring that they are equally protected from unauthorized access and/or use.

How are Document Libraries Created Automatically?

A folder structure can be created in two ways:

  • Create document libraries folders manually in the context of Dynamics CRM entities and records, and then related these SharePoint folders with Dynamics CRM records
  • Allow Dynamics CRM to auto-create the document libraries folder in Microsoft SharePoint.

Dynamics CRM will automatically create document libraries folder on Microsoft SharePoint if the specified URL if for any of the following:

1. A site collection that is on SharePoint Server 2010/ SharePoint Server 2013, and with the CRM List Component already installed

2. A site under a site collection that is on SharePoint Sever 2010 or SharePoint Server 2013, with the site collection having the CRM List Component already installed.

When choosing Dynamics CRM to create for your folders (automatically), specify whether they should be created based on the generic (default) structure or the entity.

1. Generic or default structure. For every entity record in the document library, a folder is created. This is the generic or default folder structure. For instance, if you have 200 Books and 320 Books opportunity records (opportunities for Tom’s Education), Dynamics CRM will create the following folder structure:
…/opportunity/100 Books.

In the structure:

  • the document library is the opportunity
  • opportunity record folders are 200 Books and 320 Books

2. Structure based on entity. In this structure, a folder is created for primary entities (to manage documents) and corresponding records created under the document library of the associated entity selected.
In order to create folders here, select the check box BASED ON ENTITY and an entity from that list (Account or Contact)

For instance, you have 200 Books and 320 books opportunity records associated with Tom’s Education as the parent client. Select account for the entity, i.e. resulting in this folder structure:

…/account/Tom’s Education/opportunities/200 Books

  • The document library is the account
  • The related records’ folder is Tom’s Education
  • Related opportunity record folders (main entity’s) are 200 books and 320 books

Dynamics CRM will create the document library after setting up document management. But Dynamics CRM will create the various folders in its document library only after opening the DOCUMENTS list for a particular record.

Microsoft SharePoint will let you store and even manage your documents from within Dynamics CRM by taking advantage of the Dynamics document management capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint. Just integrate Dynamics CRM with SharePoint and you can be able to access, share or collaborate more effectively, as well as protect your key documents in SharePoint from any unauthorized access and use. o protect your documents from access or use by unauthorized persons, manage permissions for a list, list item, document, library, or folder. Managing document for an entity requires that you should enable Dynamics document management for that specific entity, of which you can do through Microsoft SharePoint.

Colleges that Offer iPads – Tablets to Students #ipads #for #college #students


Colleges that Offer iPads Tablets to Students

Believe it or not, there are colleges and universities that provide iPads to students. While a laptop may seem like a better choice, the latest iPads are powerful enough to run word processing and note taking applications, as well as offering a much higher degree of portability to students on the go – a fact that students with a backpack full of books can appreciate!

Be sure to check the terms and conditions with the respective college that is providing the iPad. Some colleges offer them as long term loaners, while others give them away as a gift or once you graduate. Some colleges also offer heavy discounts or provide you with a choice of a laptop or iPad. Either way, all the colleges on our list provide you with an iPad to use while you’re in college – and that’s pretty cool!

If you’re looking for laptops specifically, visit our “online colleges that offer laptops ” page.

List of Colleges and Universities That Provide iPads

We are continually adding to our list, so feel free to check back often. We highly recommend that you verify all the below information with the respective college providing the iPad for accuracy.

Bethel University

Bethel University offers iPads to all of it’s students that are enrolled either full time or online. According to sources, they allow you to keep the iPad after graduation, but we recommend to verify with a school rep before applying. It would also be wise to verify whether the cost of the iPad is rolled into the tuition, or if they are truly giving it away. Nonetheless, they do offer iPads!

Regis College

Regis College recently launched their iPad initiative. providing about 1,250 iPads to full time students. They rent the iPads from Apple directly, however they do allow you to turn the iPad in every 2 years to get an upgrade – how cool is that? What’s more, they allow you to keep the iPad after you graduate from Regis. Not bad!

Seton Hill University

Seton Hill University offers iPad Mini’s to all full time students enrolling in 2013-2014. Not only that, they provide all full-time first year undergraduate’s a 13″ Macbook Air – and they aren’t base model machines either. The Macbook Air’s come decked out with a core i7 and, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of flash storage. As if that wasn’t enough, they provide double cherries on top: they upgrade the iPad after 2 years AND they allow you to keep both iPad Mini / Macbook Air after graduating Seton Hill. More details about the program can be found on their Macbook iPad page .

Illinois Institute of Technology

Taking a cost hit of $250,000 dollars, the Illinois Institute of Technology is giving away all incoming freshman an iPad. According to press releases, the cost of the iPad was not factored into tuition fees, essentially making the iPad a free gift to freshman. More information can be found on the original press release featured on NBC Chicago .

Georgia Fox University is offering incoming freshman the choice of receiving an iPad or a MacBook. It is unclear if the MacBook is an Air or Pro, but either option gives students a huge advantage. Our advice? Go with the Macbook, unless you already have one of course. Additional information can be found on the official Georgia Fox news release .

Oklahoma Christian University

OCU is the first university in the state of Oklahoma to offer a mobile device to all full time undergraduate students. Their offer is a bit tricky, as they are letting you choose between an iPhone or an iPod Touch. However, students can pay a small fee as an upgrade cost to receive an iPad – however we are unsure what that fee is or the details behind it. The latter does not seem as great as some of the other college’s offers, but consider this: full-time undergraduates also receive a MacBook laptop for enrolling. Not so bad after all, right? More details can be found on their Campus News and Announcements page .

Rochester College

Rochester College. located in the state of Michigan, is offering all incoming freshmen the choice of an Apple Macbook Pro or an iPad. In order to be eligible for an iPad/MacBook a student must be enrolled full time, not have more than 30 transfer credits, or be new to Rochester College. In order to take ownership of the iPad/MacBook the student needs to remain a fulltime student for at least 6 full semesters (not including summers), and sign the required iPad/MacBook program agreement. More details can be found on their undergrad admissions iPad/MacBook page .

Search for schools
with laptop programs

Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences: School of Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences: The University of Western Australia #oceans, #institute, #home, #page, #uwa


School of Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences

Our School s mission is to achieve national and international recognition for excellence in teaching and learning, research and service provision in the areas of psychiatry, clinical neurosciences and behavioural medicine.

The school is very encouraging of students with an interest in psychiatry and I ve learnt a lot about the breadth and variety the specialty has to offer. Psychiatry is still very much a burgeoning field with room for huge developments in the future, and it s exciting to be included in that as a student.

James Cheng
UWA Medical Student

I have been fortunate to have been given the opportunity to undertake a Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours) degree with the School, and it has been the best research workplace I have been part of. The support afforded to me by not just my supervisors, but other academic and administrative staff has been phenomenal

Binu Jayawardena
UWA Medical Student

The school is very encouraging of students with an interest in psychiatry and I ve learnt a lot about the breadth and variety the specialty has to offer. Psychiatry is still very much a burgeoning field with room for huge developments in the future, and it s exciting to be included in that as a student.

Maureen Krasnoff
UWA Medical Student

The passion, vibrancy and expertise of the lecturers and staff in the School of Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences has fuelled my interest in Psychiatry from my very first clinical rotation in fourth year.

Sharanyaa Shanmugakumar
UWA Medical Student

The University of Western Australia

IBM MaaS360 Review & Rating #amtel #mdm


IBM MaaS360

Comprehensive and customizable reporting capability. User-friendly and task-oriented management console.

No easy way to bulk import users except from an existing directory. A few minor device enrollment glitches.

IBM MaaS360 is a nice product at a reasonable price. It provides the tools needed to successfully monitor and manage mobile devices in the enterprise as well as some optional add-ons, including threat analytics, for an additional monthly charge.

IBM added their name to the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) market with the acquisition of Fiberlink Communications and their Maas360 product roughly two years ago. A mature product, IBM MaaS360 (which begins at $3 per device per month) ranks among the leaders in the EMM market, with broad platform support, advanced features, and a good initial price. Only IBM MaaS360’s tendency to offer needed features only via add-on tools that drive up its price leave it behind Editors’ Choice winner VMware AirWatch this time around.

Compare Similar Products

One of the focus areas for the IBM MaaS360 development team was ease of deployment. The enrollment process was comparable to AirWatch on all the platforms including the use of QR codes. which helps to speed things up. IBM also brings a lot of ancillary things to the table for a product such as MaaS360, not the least of which is their security team. A long history with the largest corporate customers from both a sales and a consulting perspective helps as well.

Installation and Device Registration
Getting started with IBM MaaS360 is similar to some the other products in that you sign up for a trial demo on the website. Be aware you won’t be able to use a Gmail account to sign up as they want your company email address. Once you get past the registration you should be up and running when the welcome email arrives. First steps include configuring users and then any default policies you want to enforce, such as a PIN lock. A series of Quick Start screens leads you through the initial configuration process.

Registering devices happens primarily from the main dashboard on either the Devices or Users tab. You can also enable Streamlined Enrollment for iOS devices, which uses an Apple process to register multiple devices using a corporate token certificate. With corporate identity linking it’s possible to enroll a user’s device by sending an enrollment email with a link to the MaaS360 corporate website. The user then uses their corporate login credentials to connect to the MaaS360 server.

Those methods, however, don’t help much in bulk import operations like you’d likely face during initial deployment. For that, IBM MaaS360 includes a downloadable Cloud Extender for integrating with a corporate directory such as Microsoft Active Directory (AD). They also support OpenLDAP, Novell LDAP, IBM Domino LDAP, and the Oracle User Directory as well as bulk uploads from .CSV files. This greatly simplifies the process of on-boarding large numbers of users by linking to existing corporate resources.

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Wholesale Lenders #reverse #mortgage #wholesale #lenders


Wholesale Lenders

If you are a reverse mortgage wholesale lender and would like to advertise please contact me.

Whether you re a seasoned veteran or new to the reverse mortgage industry, it s of the utmost importance to know who all the players are. Below is a list of reverse mortgage wholesaler lenders.

Live Well Financial: As one of only a handful companies capable of placing reverse mortgage originations into the secondary market, Live Well Financial is committed to being your wholesale partner long-term: On-Time FundingWe want to make the process as clear and quick for you as possible and we also want you to see the value of partnering with a committed organization.

Generation Mortgage: When you choose us, you are choosing the best partner in reverse mortgages. Our customer service, responsiveness and support are in a league of their own. We will provide you with a nationwide team of reverse mortgage leaders and NRMLA architects who all share one vision to care about the community and products that enrich so many lives. If you share this vision, then you have found the right partner.

Urban Financial Group: We are just like you. Reverse it! is a division of Urban Financial Group Inc. and is consistently recognized as a top 10 lender in the country for reverse mortgages. The difference between us and some of the really big guys out there is that we remember what matters you! We will give our correspondents personalized service, lightning fast turn times, and not to mention we pay some of the highest loan premiums around. Lucky for you we are in the business of closing loans not just stipping them to death.

Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc. is an FHA and VA approved full service mortgage banker in business since 1980. With a fully automated, totally integrated, and internet-based system to carry out all lending functions, SWMC s technology empowers its clients with up-to-the-minute status on their loans at any time from anywhere through the internet.

Genworth Financial: Adding a Reverse Mortgage to your toolbox gives you another option with which to help your clients. Learn more about partnering with Genworth and how our product can change your clients lives.


Columbia Plumbers #plumbers #in #columbia #md


Plumbers in Columbia, MD

Proven Plumbers is the best place to find a reliable, local plumber in Columbia, MD. When you choose a plumbing contractor in Columbia, MD from Proven Plumbers you will get lower prices and better customer service. Call one of the Columbia plumbers to schedule an appointment or request a free estimate. Proven Plumbers makes it easy to find and save on:

  • Plumbers in Columbia, MD
  • Plumbing Contractors in Columbia, MD
  • Drain Cleaning in Columbia, MD
  • Leak Detection in Columbia, MD
  • Sewer Repair in Columbia, MD

Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing of MD, Inc.

9145 Guilford Road, Unit 180
Columbia, MD 21046

JL Smith Repair & Remodeling, LLC

5660 Shadowfall Terrace
Columbia, MD 21045

9010 Maier Rd.
Laurel, MD 20723

All Aspects Waterproofing, LLC

8735 Bollman Place, Unit H
Savage, MD 20763

8735 Bollman Place
Savage, MD 20763


PO BOX 423
Savage, MD

Abbott’s Plumbing, Inc.

6149 Washington Boulevard
Elkridge, MD 21075

Keller Plumbing and Heating, LLC

4681 S. Leisure Court
Ellicott City, MD 21043

11962 Queen St
Fulton, MD

6149 Washington Blvd
Elkridge, MD


Catonsville, MD

Northern Bay Environmental Systems, Inc.

7505 Connelley Drive
Hanover, MD 21076

AA Action Waterproofing, Inc.

7898 Chalice Court
Severn, MD 21144

PO Box 613
Linthicum Heights, MD 21090

A and A Plumbing, Inc.

PO Box 47546
Baltimore, MD 21244

24/7 Express Repair Network & Hotline

2505 Lord Baltimore Dr.
Windsor Mill, MD

A-1 Plumbing of Baltimore

2702 Geartner Road
Baltimore, MD

AquaGuard Waterproofing Corporation

6820 Distribution Drive
Beltsville, MD 20705

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Statement Spy – Credit Card Statement Analysis Software #credit #card #statement, #analysis, #analyzer, #merchant #statement, #credit #card #statement #review, #merchant #statement #software


Merchant Credit Card Statement Analysis Software

Welcome to the easiest way to increase merchant processing sales for ISOs and Agents!

Statement Spy was developed for ISOs, Agents and Merchant Processors to generate professional merchant statement comparisons within minutes. This powerful DIY credit card statement analyzer will help you close more of your sale leads and greatly improve your ROI. Why pay $25 or more per statement analysis and wait days to get the report back, when you do it yourself right now at a fraction of the cost? For active agents, this could save you 1000 s of dollars every year.


Excel and PDF screenshots of Statement Spy; the credit card statement analysis software.


Statement Spy was built on an Excel platform to make it easy to use. Currently, it s only available to Windows users.

Unlimited reports

Don t pay per analysis anymore! You have the power to produce great looking and an unlimited number of statement reports right from your desktop.


Reports reside on your personal computer, so they are as secure as you are. It s not hosted in the cloud where anyone can access the files just you.

Custom branding

Import your company logo for use on the reports being sent to your clients. It s as easy as importing a graphic into Excel and setting the position.

Hidden admin area

This covert section isn t visible to your clients when printing or emailing PDF reports; allowing you to adjust rates and fees to meet savings goals discreetly.

Multiple pricing structures

Fully featured to report clients in either 3-tier, 4-tier or ICP pricing models. Plus, you have separate tabs for running reports as MOTO or Swiped accounts.

Agent commission report

Now you can auto-estimate your monthly and annual residuals within the app. Each report is adjustable to the commission levels of the ISO and Agent for pin-point accuracy.

Client PDF savings report

Export the statement analysis you generated into a PDF document as an email attachment to your clients. It s a one page report that s clean and easy to read.

Money back guarantee

Cancel at anytime within the first 60 days and receive a complete refund. No questions asked.

Cranford Controls – Fire and Security – Innovation Design Manafacture #home #secuirty #system


Cranford Controls’ range of EN54 – Part 23 Beacons and Sounder Beacon

The new Cranford Controls VAD (Visual Alarm Device) range complies with the new EN54-23 standard for Visual Alarm Devices (VAD’s).

  • STI Products

    Cranford Controls are an approved distributor of the STI range of products.

  • VTG Sounders

    Cranford Controls offers an extensive range of VTG sounders which have been designed to cover a wide spectrum of applications.

  • VTB Sounder Beacons

    Coupled with low power consumption utilising an array of energy efficient LED’s, the range of VTB Sounder Beaons have been designed for maximum all round visibility.

  • VXB LED Beacon Range

    Cranford Controls offers a range of Visual signalling devices for use in conjunction with conventional detectors and control panels.

  • Manual Call Points

    SyCall manual call points are packed with unique and innovative features. They has been designed to obtain maximum visibility, high reliability in operation and pleasant aesthetical appearance.

  • Flameproof Range

    Cranford Controls offers a select range of flameproof products ideal for hazardous area applications.The use of flameproof technology ensures that customers installing into hazardous areas need not fit an intrinsically safe barrier and the associated wiring requirements.

  • Door Retainer Units

    Cranford Controls has a wide range of electromagnetic door holders devices used widely as part of a fire, security or ventilation system.

    Welcome to Cranford Controls

    Cranford Controls Ltd specialise in the manufacture and supply of audible and visual warning devices along with sounders, beacons and ancillary devices for the fire, security and process control industries.

    Cranford Controls offers an extensive range of approved products which have been independently tested to the appropriate standards including EN54 by the LPCB, VdS and Intertek, and are CE marked to comply with the requirements of the Construction Products Directive (CPD).

    Along with an expansive product range, Cranford Controls Ltd offers a high level of customer choice and service across a wide spectrum of industries throughout the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East and across the world.

  • MR LEAK DETECTION #plumber #leak #detection


    Mr Leak Detection 082 332 1361

    Mr Leak Detection is a division Mbongeni Batlokwa Holdings which is a level 2 BBBEE contributor
    with 51% black ownership and 26% black woman ownership. At Mr Leak Detection our business is to help locating water leaks, doesn’t matter how big or small they are. Mr Leak Detection uses specialised equipment to detect leaks. The plumbers employed at Mr Leak Detection has been trained extensively and will locate your leak in no time.
    We have been successfully locating leaks for 6 years and our clients includes many private household clients to corporate clients and government institutions.
    Mr Leak Detection is a Gauteng based company but we also service the surrounding towns. We offer a complete turnkey solution where we can detect the leak and do the necessary repairs.

    Leak Detection

    Mr Leak Detection makes use of the following techniques to detect a leak:

    1. Sound – Acoustic
    2. Tracer Gas
    3. Thermal Imaging

    We do leak detection at the following places:
    1. Residential houses
    2. Complexes
    3. Flats
    4. Commercial & industrial property

    Pipe Location

    Sometimes it is not possible to do the leak detection due to the fact that the exact position of the pipes are not known. Mr Leak Detection also offer a pipe location service and we have the right equipment to detect the following underground:

    1. Galvanised pipes
    2. Polycop or HDP pipes
    3. Irrigation pipes
    4. PVC pipes
    5. Electrical cables

    CCTV Camera Inspection

    Mr Leak Detection also specialise in camera inspections in drains and water pipes.

    Plumbing Repairs

    Technicians at Mr Leak Detection are certified leak detectors and qualified plumbers. We can give you a quote onsite to repair the leak. The technician will also supply a report on their findings which can be send to the local municipality or insurance.


    We comply with the following:
    – VAT registered
    – BBBEE level 2
    – Workman’s Compensation – Letter of Good Standing
    – Health & Safety compliant
    – Public Liability Insurance
    – Contractors All Risk Insurance
    – CIDB level 1
    – All staff has medical certificates