Jul 28 2017

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Blemain Loan Finance Scammers
Please be aware of this Man posting the message below. This is a scam to get you to part with your hard earned money. No such loan is a safe one.
He has posted this all over Face Book. so be aware.

18 April at 18:49 ·
loan offer
Cape Town, South Africa
We at Blemain Loan Finance we offers loans at 3% interest rates to all our clients around the world, we are 100% guaranteed loan company that can deliver what we promise to our clients. With the track record that we have we can ensure you get the best of our service, we are proud to say that we help hundreds of thousands of people out that can t get help anywhere in the country, we can proudly say that we extended our business and it is as follows:
We do Business Finance (Business Loan) for up to R10,000,000.00 and Above
We do Consolidation Loan up to 5,000,000.00Ran d even if you are blacklisted or under debt review
We do home loans even if you are blacklisted or under debt review
We do personal loans for up to R3.5,000,000.00 even if you are blacklisted or under debt review
We do Car finance even if you are blacklisted or under debt review
We do 2nd Bonds, Home Improvement and consolidation loans
We do Wedding Finance loan well as well.
We offer the above kinds of loans all at 3% interest
That’s why we are proud to say we are the best and the only company that can assist and will help you.I hope and believe that you will find us and our company and our work to your satisfaction. Have you being declined because of your **** credit history contact us today for your speedy loan Approval and transfer, You can Apply today irrespective of your location or race so far you meet our criteria, Contact us today via email: (blemainloanfin ance
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This is what I found on the internet about this company.

Petitioning Blemain Finance Harpmanor Limitied and Cheshire Mortgages and 1 other

John Davies Leeds, United Kingdom
Irresponsible Lending
Extorianate Charges And Fees
Decieving People with inhouse companies

undisclosed commission paid to brokers
unfair charges
using court just to add more costs to your loan (not as a last resort)
using a fake debt collection company (monarch) just to add charges to your loan.
letters sent from monarch blatant lie just to add charges, again to defraud you of monies.

Blemain Finance are they a legitimate company?
6th May 11 at 12:26 AM
I have just noted on another site that there has been over 11,000 users raise concerns with reference to the following committed by a company called Blemain Finance who have subsidiary companies. This involves Bullying and intimidation; repossession of property using illicit practices; falsehood and misinforming the judiciary in order to obtain properties; malpractices used by employees in order to obtain funds or assets; astronomical service fees and default penalties; false claims and charges made against clients. Then there is concern about the coveted/ unethical practices such as misinforming customers or not providing customers with information pertaining to agreements taken out with third parties by Blemain.

Considering that some of these practices are unethical and do not meet the requirements of the Ombudsman or Consumer Regulators has this company ever been investigated based on the level of complaints?

I need to know because I have for the last 6 years been attempting to hold on to my property following actions taken by Blemain. I have been taken to court and on each occasion managed to defer orders for repossession. How is it that the Courts are aware that this is a company known for not being charitable and why are they still able to continue doing business using methods associated with loan sharks and now illegal?

Who is behind Blemain Finance?

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