May 31 2017

Indiabulls Finance Centre #close #motor #finance

#indiabulls finance



Indiabulls Finance Centre stands on the site of former Elphinston Mills on a plot area of 7.8 acres and is an emerging business centre in the heart of the Mumbai metropolis. The project spreads across the site, comprising of three tall towers positioned in a hierarchy ranging from lower to higher as the complex progresses eastwards from the Western entry. The elevation appears as aesthetically appealing composition of varied height towers with triple height terraces forming an interesting assembly. The triple height terraces act as breathers in a city that is distant from green spaces. The positive negative spaces that get created in the fa?ade not only facilitate effective workspace, but also adapts to the need for flexibility in the office space. Various entry-exit points are planned in a systematic manner to ease traffic circulation throughout. Triple height atriums form the entrance lobbies to the office buildings are accessed through landscapes drive-ways interesting pathways. IFC embodies various facets of sustainable design by being mindful of energy conservation and efficiency maximization.


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