Jun 25 2017

International Trade Finance #islamic #finance

#international trade finance


International Trade Finance

Trade Loans
Use a Santander Import or Export Line of Credit to improve the working capital position of your company by financing the days payable outstanding (DPO) or days sales outstanding (DSO) of your international trade activity. These can also be used to finance time payments, days sales of inventory (DSI), and pre-export needs.

Banker s Acceptance
Finance the import, export, or domestic shipment of goods with a short-term, fixed-rate Santander Banker’s Acceptance (BA), a draft payable at a fixed future date, drawn on a bank, and accepted for payment by the bank. This service offers buyers low-rate financing, enabling importers to finance portions of the trade cycle by deferring payments for purchased goods until the BA matures, and exporters to receive immediate payment for goods sold on terms.

Export Receivable Financing
Improve your company s working capital by accelerating debtors payments and mitigating the non-payment risk of your clients. Receivables Financing is a Supply Chain tool widely used to obtain working capital by selling accounts receivable that meet Santander Bank’s credit criteria.

Standby Letters of Credit (L/C)
Enhance your promise of payment with a Santander Standby L/C. This financial tool means that Santander Bank is secondarily liable to your creditors or customers if you are unable to fulfill your contractual or financial obligations.
Standby L/Cs can be advised and issued domestically and internationally using Santander Bank s extensive corresponding network. They can have varied applications to support both financial obligations and contractual performance: bid bonds, performance bonds, warranty bonds, or cross-border working capital facilities.

EX-IM Bank Working Capital Guarantee Program
Get flexible financial assistance to help your company on the pre-export process. Santander can help you secure financing to pay for raw materials, inventory, equipment, supplies or labor destined to produce goods for export, as well as export-related accounts receivable. The program also covers the issuance of Standby Letters of Credit as bid bonds and performance bonds related to your export business. Santander has Delegated Authority from Ex-Im Bank, which enables us to expedite the approval of this sort of transactions.

Small Business Administration Export Loan Programs
Develop and expand your company s export business through one of the three Small Business Administration programs specifically designed for small companies. As an SBA Preferred Lender, Santander helps you take advantage of the Export Express Program, the International Trade Loan Program, and the Export Working Capital Program .

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