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Plane and hotel

Trivago Flights

Trivago creates sales subsidiary to accelerate direct hotel business

A leading hotel research company, Trivago declares the establishment of a new Trivago Hotel Relations, a subsidiary solely managed by the firm. The primary function of this outfit is to promote robust business ties with independent hospitality outfits.

The organization will concentrate on adding value to hoteliers across the globe to competitively explore online platforms and to use every available online tool to get more patronage via their websites.

The steps we take will ensure, we bring up to speed, an outstanding world-class sales team and to build long-term business ties with hoteliers. According to “Johannes Thomas, the MD and Chief Revenue Officer at Trivago NV,” this move will enable us to have more dealings with hoteliers and also help them to succeed in their marketing activities.

He further stated that “remarkable success has been achieved through our business approach with hoteliers over the last two years. Meanwhile, we have an understanding now that, running a sales business needs a different plan, mode of operation and a skilled workforce with a different orientation, compared to a technological organization. We know indeed that being a committed business enterprise has made it necessary to create a unique brand for our operations having been given a free hand to operate.

The dissimilarity in demand between a technological company and that of a sales company necessitated the action to form a committed sales sub-unit that can create its’ brand, norm and managerial acumen. The new group tends to engage top-notch sales personnel around the world instead of engaging technical staff.

The company residence in Dusseldorf, Germany will be the unit solely in charge of overseeing the business relationships with over Three Hundred and ten thousands hoteliers across the globe.

The company has so far recruited well over 160 personnel from twenty-one countries and plans to increase this figure by 2018.This is tailored towards making more efforts in providing travelers with options to book directly from the comfort of their homes and to make choices.

Travel Sites

When you plan a trip, you may need concrete ideas of where to go. A travel site will help with this by providing you the lowest possible rates, good customer service and of course varied destinations. If you enjoy traveling consider using one of these top travel search engines for your next trip.

is more than a travel search engine: it is a flight expert support team! They guarantee you a better deal than the one you just found by having an expert looking for even bigger savings for your wallet. Trivago Hotel Finder beat the searching time of all engines by returning the results in the shortest amount of time. So if you’re in a hurry this search engine might be for you. Trivago Flights is a simple platform designed for users that are budget conscious as it usually shows rates below average.

Expedia Travel Sites

is a strong platform to use when you want to make all of your trip arrangements: flights, hotels, car deals, cruises, or things to do. A vacation or business trip is more enjoyable when everything is in one place. The travel company keeps in mind its customers needs and offers info on the location’s most popular activities.

3. Hipmunk has an unique visual display that includes all trip data, thus allowing you to compare them easily. If you are still unsure of what to choose between 2 locations, the comparison feature makes things that much easier.

4. Travelocity Travel Site helps travelers with easy bookings for journeys to several cities. If you have more than one destination, this site has in depth information on cities that do not appear on many other traveling sites. Perhaps the location you want to visit is obscure, and in that case Travelocity is your best bet. Furthermore, the site is convenient to use by anyone and mobile ready.

5. Momondo is a colorful, but easy to use platform with useful filters to choose your best voyage option. Once you see the arrival and departure times or cheapest trips, you will be able to weigh in the options that are important for you. A reliable search function is a very important feature for a travel platform to have.

6. Kayak is a clean platform that offers the essential features for your trip. Its most outstanding feature is the mobile application for making reservations on the go. You do not have to browse from your computer, as you can sign in directly with your mobile device.

7. MSN showsyou the lowest rates and at the same time provides an adventure tab feature and news regarding your destination. It may attract those who want to stay informed on things related to their trip, while booking it at the same time. This platform is still a favorite among travelers all over the world despite its age.

8. TripAdvisor continues to be a strong option for those who want some advice from other travelers before booking their flight or hotel.

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