Oct 30 2016

Summer Training MBA Finance Research Project on HDFC Insurance – Download MBA Projects #finance #loan

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Summer Training MBA Finance Research Project on HDFC Insurance

Download finance summer training project report in HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Ltd on customer-buying behavior with a focus on market segmentation.

Title: Finance Project Report on Customer buying behavior for HDFC Standard Life Insurance

Type: Summer Training Project Report

Subject: Finance project report

Useful for: BBA, MBA and PGDM students

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Abstract: In today’s corporate and competitive world, Insurance sector has the maximum growth and potential as compared to the other sectors. Insurance has the maximum growth rate of 70-80% while as FMCG sector has maximum 12-15% of growth rate. This growth potential attracts me to enter in this sector and make this finance project report HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Ltd has given me the opportunity to work and get experience in highly competitive and enhancing sector.

Objective of this project:

  • To determine customer-buying behavior with a focus on market segmentation for HDFC Standard Life Insurance.
  • The study deals mainly with studying the buying pattern in the insurance industry with a special focus on HDFC Standard Life Insurance.
  • The various segments of the markets divided in terms of Insurance Needs, Age groups, Satisfaction levels etc will also studied.

Facts about Insurance Sector:

  • As the people think that insurance is a tool to protect their family a tax saving device. They are aware of the fact realizing its, importance. The company should try to expand build up its infrastructure because there is a large potential for insurance in India.
  • Company should come up with its branch in Chennai. With the objective and goals to meet the demands expectations of the public. Because the entrance of private players will increase the competition and it would be a tough task to secure a good position in market.
  • Since HDFC STANDARD LIFE INSURANCE LTD is leading with several companies’ policies it should be easy for them to penetrate into the market and secure a good position if they pay greater attention to the service part provided to their customer and thereby forming a long and trusted relationship.
  • As seen from the survey that at present 70% of the customer are having insurance policy out of which 87.5% of the customer are planning for new investments. So it can be a good potential for the company and they should make an attempt to trap these customers.
  • 5.43% of the customer is even ready to go for insurance if a service provider away from their home is providing it. But intend they should provide good products and services. The company should try to convince these customers and get them in its favor.

Our exhaustive research in the field of Life Insurance threw up some intresting trends which can be seen in the above analysis. A general impression that we gathered during Data collection was the immense awareness and knowledge among people about various companies and their insurance products. People are beginning to look beyond LIC for their insurance needs and are willing to trust private players with their hard earned money.

People in general have been impressioned by the marketing and advertising campaigns of insurance companies. A high penetration of print. radio and Television ad campaigns over the years is beginning to have it’s impact now.

Another heartning trend was in terms of people viewing insurance as a tax saving and investment instrument as much as a protective one. A very high number of respondants have opted for insurance for such purposes and it shows how insurance companies ahve been successful to attract public money in recent times.

The general satisfaction levels among public with regards to policy and agents still requires improvement. But therein lies the oppurtunity for a relative new comer like HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Ltd. LIC has never been known for prompt service or customer oriented methods and HDFC Standard Life can build on these factors.

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