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Apply for private car finance in South Africa you ll get a much better deal with us FACT.

With years of experience in Car Finance, Insurance Used Car Warranties, we consider ourselves experts in the field of Private Used Car Finance in South Africa. As a motor finance company in South Africa, we will help you with the licencing registration of the car, and offer you a much better deal on interest rates. We apply to all the major banks on your behalf and find the best structured deal for you. We do not have our own in-house options, so you are still required to produce proof of salary, residence and bank statements even if you are blacklisted. We speed up the process and guide you through the whole application.

Please let us assist you when buying a used car from a private seller. Who uses our services? The general public that needs finance for a car that it being bought from a private seller, and not through a car dealership.

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Who are we?

We are a used car finance company situated in Blaauwberg, Cape Town. We’ve gained our experience in the retail motor trade and financial services industry – both in South Africa and the UK. We have serviced literally hundreds of satisfied clients over the years and continue to look for cost saving opportunities to pass onto our clients.

Apply for car finance in easy steps:

Our application process is done online, and once your credit is found to be in order, a member of our staff will contact you in person to check your details and gather the necessary paperwork: ID, Salary Slips and Personal Bank Statements are required.

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Apply Online NowSuccessful applications will be answered using email, sms and telephone.

Try this website for a great selection of second hand cars. All cars are from second hand car dealers who offer warranties and vehicle finance.

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mfc car finance

My colleagues are using Visual Studio 2002 and uses the C++ MFC. I am developing in C #.

It has not been any problems before, but now questioning our customers if we really should develop in different environments. My colleagues think (of course) that I should move to C++ MFC. I think that they can use .NET instead of MFC.

Is there any point to learn the MFC? It feels a bit outmoded, or am I wrong? What are the arguments against and for .NET compared with MFC?

We are developing process systems and assistance applications for the nuclear industry. The main application is an emulator that emulates an old computer system and uses C++/MFC. It is very time critical, maybe the core should it still be in native C++. But the GUI to the emulator and all surrounding applications are not particularly critical.

And is there any real reason that you should replace the existing MFC application?

10 Answers

I’ve used both MFC and Windows Forms extensively for a very long time. I’m from the video game industry, so have had to write many desktop applications over the years, and before .net, MFC was extremely useful. Even before that I was writing tools in pure Win32.

MFC definitely had its quirks, but overall it made life a lot easier. It was very easy to integrate OpenGL and Direct3D into custom views, and once you got the hang of it writing custom controls was a piece of cake. Best of all, I could just code in pure C++, which just happened to be my language of choice. Plus I found MFC to be very efficient and snappy.

Gradually MFC started to get external control library support, particularly docking/toolbar libraries, so my tools like 3D model viewers and level editors, all looked pretty sweet.

Most applications I wrote created the UI programmatically, so the dialog/window layout tool was more than adequate for my needs.

MFC 9 is pretty cool too, especially with the Ribbon control/docking library that Microsoft has released as part of the Feature Pack. So there is life in the old dog yet, for sure! 🙂

When .net 1.0 came out I found the transition fairly easy, because it supported managed C++. It wasn’t pretty, but gave a relatively straightforward on-ramp to the .net framework. But the tipping point for me came when I started to write tools that needed the Windows Forms Designer more, around the time of .net 2.0. I decided to start again and learn C#, which I loved – although I’ll never get used to having new() without delete() ;). I then started writing user controls, finding the whole experience very nice and straightforward. The .net framework was huge, well supported, and generally I found it easier to do just about everything in C#/.net. Plus, compilation was lightning fast, and the ability to refactor in Visual Studio was awesome.

The beauty of c#/.net is it doesn’t limit you to just writing in managed code. You can still use unmanaged code, if performance is an issue for instance, or if you need to share code between platforms. For instance, my math libraries are written in C/C++, which I put into a libraries enabling C# to wrap/use the same code, although that’s only temporary. I’m going to port those libraries to C# in time too so everything is pure .net.

The last experience I want to mention is that I have been spending the last few months away from console game programming, and spending time programming the InterWeb. I’ve been using the Microsoft stack, programming in, and I have to say it’s very nice, with all of the knowledge of C# directly applicable. The only learning curve was, not the language and support libraries. With the arrival of .net 3.5 (LINQ is sweet) life in the .net framework with C# is lovely.

Anyway, I don’t want to turn this into my life’s story, but I just wanted to give a brief experience of someone who has moved through all of the technology you’ve asked about. I’d also like to mention that it’s good for you to try different languages/frameworks. I’ve been coding for the iPhone for a year now, and have grown to really like Objective-C. It’s all programming, and it’s all good.

With respect to MFC/.net, both have their pluses and minuses, and I really don’t mind MFC at all, but in terms of moving forward, I’d probably stick to C#/.net, but please, please, please understand how it works. The only preachy thing I’ll say is to understand how memory in .net works, even though ‘it’s all taken care of for you’ 😉

Your knowledge of C/C++ should be completely independent of whether you use MFC or not, it’s still a critical language (particularly in console-based video game programming), but for desktop application programming on Windows, it’s getting harder and harder to argue against .net. It’s fast, easy, has great tool support, excellent 3rd party libraries, a huge growing community, is now cross platform (Mono) and will enable you to move between all current/emerging Microsoft technologies (, WPF, Silverlight, WCF etc).

For all of this, though, I still set up Visual Studio as a C++ environment. Some habits never die 😉

Mfc car finance

MFC and .NET are at nearly opposite extremes, each thoroughly crappy in its own way.

Using MFC is roughly on the order of living in the decaying wreck of a WW II surplus building. There aren’t any signs to warn about dangerous areas, and it’s probably not immediately apparent where to find running water, electricity, or a toilet that works — even though all of them are there, if you know how to find them. Like any decaying building, there are plenty of holes in the walls and such, so you can leave anytime you want for as long as you want. Likewise, dragging in things from the outside world is pretty easy, though it’s pretty much up to you to do the “dragging” to get it there.

Using .NET is like living on the set of The Truman Show. It fits one person’s idea of what real life should be like. Within its boundaries, life can seem Utopian. In the end, however, it’s little more than a pleasantly accoutered prison cell, and none of what it portrays as life is quite real. All your interaction with the outside world is subject to the whim of a director whose aims are mostly to improve his own ratings; your welfare is considered only to the extent that it affects him.

Unlike most prisons, .NET does have a well marked escape route (labeled “P/Invoke”). Like the escape route from any good prison, however, it’s a mile-long sewage pipe. Most residents are aware of its existence, but nearly the only who go there are teenagers proving their manliness. The few who put it to real use do so only in dire necessity. Those of us who found it necessary once too often have realized it’s better to just stay outside and not go back in.

Edit: Since some people want circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one to be used as evidence in court: MFC’s strength and weakness is that it’s mostly a fairly thin wrapper around the API. That’s a weakness because there are a fair number of holes in its coverage, and because it does relatively little to “smooth over” the places that the API itself doesn’t fit together particularly well. For example, if something is implemented using COM, that will usually show up directly in your code that uses it. It’s a strength, because it’s fairly easy to extend MFC to handle areas it doesn’t by default, as well as to simply bypass it and work directly with the API when you need to do so. It’s also been updated relatively infrequently, so while it can currently produce reasonably “modern” looking applications, that hasn’t always been the case. Given its history, it would be hard to predict that it’ll continue to be the case.

.NET’s strength and weakness is that it’s a much “thicker” wrapper around the API. It does considerably more to “smooth over” differences in the API, so (for example) parts that are implemented in COM don’t look/act noticeably different from parts that are implemented as straight C function calls. From inside .NET, the differences disappear. .NET is (currently) Microsoft’s favored technology, so it’s updated much more regularly, and does a much better job of ensuring that your UI follows the latest guidelines. My guess is that it’s much more likely than MFC to continue doing so for some time.

The weakness of .NET is that it’s much more difficult to bypass or extend. Basically, your only route to the outside world is through P/Invoke. Even for small excursions, it’s ugly and painful. Trying to use it very often or for anything approaching a major extension is an exercise in masochism.

If (nearly) everything you write can fit within what .NET supports, it’s the clear choice. It’s much cleaner and smoother as long as you stay inside its boundaries.

If you write code that fairly frequently needs to go outside the bounds supported by the framework, MFC will probably work much better for you. With .NET, the .NET model applies to your whole program. With MFC, it’s relatively easy to write programs that use MFC for their UI, and do things however they want for anything else that MFC doesn’t support.

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  • Car finance options
  • Car finance options
  • Car finance options

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Bank Vehicle and Asset Finance:

If you have a fair to good credit record we can send your application to some of the biggest car dealers in South Africa so that they can COMPETE to get your the BEST possible CAR. Get value for your money!

Declined by the Bank? Our brokers can help you to Clear and Repair your credit record in order to qualify for Vehicle Finance through the banks.

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These days even blacklisted clients or clients with a poor credit history can also apply for leased vehicle finance

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  • Car finance options

  • Car finance options



    We pride ourselves not only as the predominant private financier in South Africa but one of the top insurance brokers, car finding specialists and car finance hubs in South Africa.

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    We can afford to give you the lowest fees because we do not have the same overheads as some of the leading dealerships and or banks.

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    At we do exactly what our name says – we finance your car. Your immediate reaction should be: Who finances my car and at what rate? Well, if your credit profile allows for it, your finance is placed with one of the major Banks in South Africa, at the best interest rates we can negotiate on your behalf. In most circumstances we will be able to get you a better rate than, say, a dealer can – reason being our volumes have earned us a favourable position with the major Banks. is so much more than just a finance house. Why spend hours of your valuable time to find the right car? Our vast dealer network gives us access to 1000’s of new used vehicles, allowing us to find you the best car at the best price. This means we can also give you the best Trade In Assistance. And because we don’t have the enormous overhead associated with bricks mortar dealerships, our fees are the lowest in the market! Best Deal and utter Convenience – #NextLevel.

    And if your credit profile is not what it should be? Don’t despair – we have alternative finance options that include personal loans and a rental scheme. Click on the “More” tab above to explore these options.

    Along with fast efficient service, this portal also offers information on car finance and a variety of tools for your convenience. Our tools include a car finance calculator, a loan calculator, a digital online finance application, real-time advice and expert car insurance. If you have a good credit profile, why not try our Consolidation Loan tab for a quotation? is our sister site that specialises in consolidating your debt into a single facility, almost sure to save you on your monthly repayments.


    For almost 10 years, Bikefin has been the leading financier of motorcycles in South Africa, enjoying a market share of 60% +. We have financed more than 30 000 motorcycles and our Brand is well-known in the motorcycle community and beyond. We pioneered the concept of a “Virtual F I Call Centre”. Other banks have followed our lead. An F I is the qualified person who assists you with your finance at a dealership. Fulfilling these functions from a centralized call centre dramatically reduces costs, allowing us to pass that saving on to you.

    Our range of services cater for people from every walk of life – from the executive with an A1 credit rating, the upstart who is buying his/her first vehicle.


    Click here to meet our highly skilled and super efficient team.


    You can submit your application in a number of ways:

    • Complete the quick application form and one of our consultants will contact you as soon as possible.
    • One of our qualified F I’s will call you to guide you through your finance process.

    Our automated back-end will submit your application to first tier financing institutions, such as MFC, ABSA and African Bank Vehicle Finance. You also have access to our personal loans facility, simultaneously submitting to at least three providers of personal loans.


    Whether you are buying from a dealer or from a private seller and need private vehicle finance, our countrywide network is for your convenience. See our section dealing with Private Finance for further detail.


    We have a range of specialist car insurance products to protect your investment. See our car insurance section. We trust our services are useful in your endeavours to get car finance. Please give us your suggestions, compliments or complaints here.


    Please feel free to use the links below to compare and affirm that our interest rate is the best:

  • Toyota Flex Car Finance – Online Car Finance Calculator & Quote, car finance quote.#Car #finance #quote

    Toyota Flex