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The Subsidiaries of Frontier Financial Group

China Frontier Capital Management Limited

  • Licensed by the Securities and Futures Commission
  • Authorised to conduct dealing in securities (Type 1 regulated activities), advising on securities (Type 4 regulated activities) and asset management (Type 9 regulated activities)
  • Provide wealth management, investment advisory and strategy services to high-net-worth clients
  • Manage discretionary account for clients
  • Provide advisory service to private funds
  • Assist to manage assets of over HK$1 billion
  • China Frontier Capital Investment Limited

    • Licensed by the Securities and Futures Commission
    • Authorised to conduct dealing in securities (Type 1 regulated activities), advising on securities (Type 4 regulated activities) and advising on corporate finance (Type 6 regulated activities)
    • Advise and execute corporate finance, merger and acquisition transactions for corporate clients and institutional investors
    • Arrange private equity fund raising
    • Advise on corporate restructuring and securitisation
    • Provide general corporate finance advice
  • China Frontier Insurance Consultant Limited

    • Licensed by the Professional Insurance Brokers Association
    • Authorised to conduct brokerage of long term insurance ; investment-linked insurance and general insurance
    • Provide advisory and services in life insurance, medical protection critical illness protection, investment-linked policies and general insurance products etc.
    • Assistance on claims submission and general service
  • China Frontier Property Limited

    • Licensed by the Estate Agents Authority
    • A member of Hong Kong Real Estate Agencies General Association
    • Arrange residential sales, purchases or leasing
    • Arrange commercial space sales, purchases or leasing
    • Provide property rental management service
    • Assistance on mortgage financing
    • Provide consultation on international property projects
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    Phone: (852) 2269 7777 Fax: (852) 2269 7708
    23/F, Exchange Square III, Central, Hong Kong

    Our Services

    R C I Financial Services – Car Finance in Watford WD17 1AF #personal #finance #company

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    R C I Financial Services

    RCI Financial Services are a wholly owned subsidiary of RCI Banque SA which is Renault Group’s worldwide captive car financing company and Nissan Group’s captive car financing company in Europe. RCI is today present in 39 countries in Europe, North Africa, South America and Asia and finances approximately one million vehicles per year around the world.

    RCI Financial Services Limited objectives are to support the sales and marketing activities of Dacia, Renault, Nissan and Infiniti as. Read more well as ensuring that we deliver a satisfactory return on the investment of our shareholder and parent company. The key factors in achieving these objectives are our integration with the four brands at all levels, our quality of service to our dealers and customers and our financial competitiveness.
    The combined production of Renault and Nissan Alliance today represents over 9.4% of the global car market, at over 6 million vehicles a year.

    The Alliance is one of the top five car makers in the world, with its five brands: Renault, Dacia and Samsung for the Renault group, Nissan and Infiniti for the Nissan Group. Show less

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    Customer Reviews

    1 customer would recommend this business to a friend

    Zero stars. or negative if I could. Impossible to communicate with. They don’t understand a word you say. Never reply. Renault cars might be OK (not much better though) but their finance division is the pits. Seriously! Avoid at all costs.

    Worst finance company I have ever dealt with, won’t answer emails or call back and are proving to be totally incompetent as each week passes. This useless bunch of idiots seem to be unable to set up a DD, I’ve been sent letters from them quite a few times now saying that a DD is set up followed by a. Read more more letters saying that they are unable to process the DD and also this will affect my credit rating, then they have the gall to try and charge me 12 a letter even though its all their fault. Each time I have contacted my bank they tell me that no DD has been set up by Nisasan. About 12 letters later from them and numerous phone calls and emails from me to them over a 5 month period we are still no further forward. Also when trying to get through to them on the phone takes an age because of being asked a bunch of stupid questions, that is frustrating alone. I even wrote to Head of Finance to complain about my treatment and surprise surprise I got no reply from him either, I stupidly took out a smallish loan to qualify for Nissan benefits as I intended to pay for car in full at the time of purchase but I was foolishly talked into taking out the loan by the salesman, just last week after many attempts I eventually got a settlement figure from them and paid it off in full just to have no more to do with this incompetent useless company, if you can I recommend that you stay well away from this lot. To submit this I have had to give it 1 star, I’d rather have given the 0 stars. Show less

    A bunch of moronic retards. I unfortunately are dealing with this lot.
    They are trying to stitch me up. my four year old Infinity car..this car I
    handed back. I treated the car like a baby. they are charging me for a scuff
    on the alloys and a small mark on the drivers carpet 240. the cars. Read more four years old. steer well away. Show less

    RCI Financial Services: 0843 504 3752 #graduate #finance #jobs

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    RCI Financial Services: 0843 504 3752

    Contact Renault Customer Relations regarding RCI Financial Services phone this number: 0843 504 3752 / 0344 335 0000.

    RCI Financial Services is a financing company run by in partnership with car companies Renault, Nissan, Infiniti and Dacia. Owned by lead partner Renault, RCI Financial aims to assist care hirers in buying their own vehicles.

    With the popularity of hire purchase of its cars, the French automotive firm Renault felt the need to create a dedicated financing arm for its customers. Over decades, the RCI Financial offshoot has given thousands of Renault motorists easy payment plans and loan arrangements that help them own their cars outright.

    Renowned for its financing, RCI Financial Services has for years partnered with Japanese counterpart Nissan. Together the partnership accounts for nearly 10% of the world s car market.

    Contact RCI Financial Services

    To contact RCI Financial Services, you have various options. In the first instance, visit the website: this ensures you re using the latest contact details.

    2 thoughts on RCI Financial Services 0843 504 3752

    Callum Attfield says:

    Agreement No 1003149319 Reg No KV61 AEG On 12/5/2015 I paid final payment to you for this vehicle of £3,338.62 would you please confirm there is no finance on this vehicle any more. Yours thankfully Callum Attfield.

    Mr Stephen Lawrenson says:

    Ref: Credit Search.
    To Whom it may concern.

    I ve had an Alert via my credit report. It says RCI FINANCIAL SERVICES LIMITED on 21st March 2015 have made searches of my credit report but I have no record of giving permission for the search to be made.

    I understand that European Directive 95/46/EC (the Data Protection Directive) states that data can only be processed when the data subject has unambiguously given his consent .

    I have no record of giving consent to any of the above searches of my credit file to be made, and it is reasonable to expect a credit reference agency to follow the appropriate diligence or care to ensure the request is lawful and genuine by asking for a copy of the consent before making entries in my credit file.

    Please forward me a copy of the consent that allowed the above-named organisations or bodies to search my credit file, or in the alternative and pursuant to Section 10 of the data Protection Act, your written confirmation the searches have been permanently removed from my credit report. Please note, a court has a power to enforce compliance unless you give lawful reason why you should not comply with this request.

    My name is at the bottom of my signature.

    Can you please get back to me with 5 working Days.

    I await your reply .

    Kind Regards,
    Stephen Lawrenson
    I m available on Email only.

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    Sun Life Financial – Job postings #strategic #finance

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    Job postings

    Embark on a bright future.

    We’re committed to supporting you as you chart your own path to career success. Whether that means crossing job functions and business lines or working with people across the globe. Would you like to join us in North America, Hong Kong, the Philippines or India? Our growing international presence, particularly in Asia, means exciting job opportunities for qualified employees.

    Simply put, Sun Life offers you a world of opportunities.

    Start your search here by choosing the location you’re interested in. Once you’re on the regional site, you will be able to view our current vacancies in that country. We appreciate your interest in working for Sun Life.

    We have exciting roles in the following locations worldwide:

    Employee spotlight

    “In my 4 years at Sun Life, I’ve gained industry knowledge, developed new skills and built connections through the Rotational Leadership Development Program. In my current role, I focus on identifying and delivering better experiences for our customers and collaborate with colleagues in Canada, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.”

    Anna Kaufman
    Senior Consultant,
    Customer Experience Program
    Sun Life Financial U.S.

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    Financial Recruitment – Finance Job Recruitment Agency – ReedGlobal #finance #degree #online

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    finance recruitment specialists

    Finance Recruitment

    Your Senior & Executive Finance recruitment specialist

    Reed Finance specialise in recruiting qualified financial and accounting professionals around the globe. Working at every level from NQ to CFO, across all industry sectors, we appreciate that one size does not fit all. That’s why our highly qualified and friendly team deliver bespoke recruitment solutions and supply senior finance staff to over 90% of FTSE100 companies.

    Recruiting for both permanent and interim finance positions, many of Reed Finance’s recruitment consultants are ex-finance professionals themselves, so we understand your needs.

    Years of extensive networking, headhunting and referrals has resulted in Reed Finance being exceptionally well connected within the market. In fact, over one third of all qualified accountants resident in the UK are now registered with us and we fill over 2,000 senior and executive-level roles every year.

    Specialist finance recruitment teams

    Within Reed Finance, we also have specialist teams dealing solely with recruitment for the following areas:

    We also provide a leadership recruitment service for senior and executive board level positions.
    Find out more about REED Finance Leadership Practice »

    Typical roles we recruit for include:

    Business / Financial / MI Analysts
    Corporate Finance Experts
    CIPFA / Public Finance Accountants
    Financial Accountant
    Financial Director
    Financial Services Accounting Specialist
    Forensic Accountant
    Insolvency Specialist
    Management Accountants Analysts
    Tax Specialists

    Chief Financial Officer
    Cost Accountants
    Compliance / Corporate Governance
    Financial Controller
    Finance Manager
    Business Change Transformation
    Head of Finance
    Internal External Auditors
    Project Accountants / Financial Project Managers

    Find your nearest Reed Finance Office
    Get in touch with one of our specialist finance recruitment teams to see how we can help your business.

    ACF Consultants: Financial Training from Entry-Level to Executive #housing #finance

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    ACF Consultants

    ACF Consultants – World-class financial training from entry-level to executive for Finance Professionals

    ACF Consultants are a top-quality financial training provider that are renowned for delivering innovative courses for some of the largest and most demanding financial institutions in the world.

    Offering open seminars using their uniquely blended learning techniques, ACF Consultants are also global leaders in the creation of cutting-edge financial simulations and interactive eLearning for the global financial markets .

    ACF Consultants deliver training in all aspects of the financial markets. that can be customised for any level participant and is aimed at banks. corporate treasuries. and other financial institutions .

    Financial training – blended learning and instructor led courses

    AFC Consultants use a blended learning approach to training. Their financial seminars offer a fully integrated, multi-faceted learning experience, which ensures that knowledge is applied in practice and retained effectively. Course numbers are limited to maximise the benefit for each delegate, ensuring that they all achieve a true understanding of the key concepts, and how they are applied in the real world.

    All of their financial training courses are made up of a dynamic blend of highly interactive eLearning using Acumen, top quality instructor-led training. and realistic and exciting simulations creates the most effective and motivating training methodology available anywhere.

    Their instructor-led financial training is of the highest quality, thanks in no small part to the heavy investments made research and development. ACF Consultants only employ instructors that are expects in the art of transferring knowledge, and use a variety of creative training techniques to maintain energy and focus. Professionally written materials complement trainers with first-rate communications skills, an excellent academic background and sound market knowledge.

    ACF Consultants are committed to achieving exceptional results.

    Financial Careers: Investment Banking Jobs #mba #finance #projects

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    Financial Careers: Investment Banking Jobs

    This chapter will examine investment banking jobs. These jobs generally involve working with corporations, governments and other large institutions and either helping them to raise capital or providing them with strategic advice. While many investment bankers may begin their career as generalists, they often go on to develop expertise in a particular industry or sector, after which their career might become more specialized.

    Where the Jobs Are
    Investment banking jobs are available with several different types of organizations. Many jobs are to be found at the large global investment banks such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley or in the investment banking department of large commercial banks such as Citigroup or Deutsche Bank. Other jobs are available at smaller, regional or boutique investment banks such as Lazard, Jefferies, or Greenhill. Another, increasingly popular place to find an investment banking job is at alternative asset management companies such as private equity firms or venture capital firms. Finally, investment banking functions can be found at some large companies that might have an in-house staff evaluating strategic opportunities and corporate mergers, General Electric is a good example of such a company. (Learn more in Getting An Investment Banking Job In A Recession .)

    How to Get an Investment Banking Job
    Investment banking has a reputation for being a blueblood profession, and historically many people have entered the industry following a prestigious academic background at an Ivy League or comparable university. The most common career path is for an individual to leave University and serve a two or three-year stint at one of the large global banks. Following this, many individuals will return to graduate school to get a MBA degree before returning to either their previous employer or a new firm at a higher level. While professional certifications such as the Series 7 or CFA designation are not unheard of, they’re not as common in investment banking as they are in some other finance fields. Nevertheless, competition for jobs is fierce and many employers essentially have their pick of qualified candidates. Therefore, if you are interested in a career as an investment banker, the best way to prepare is to do exceptionally well in school so as to make yourself appear an attractive candidate.

    Types of Investment Banking Jobs

    • Mergers and Acquisitions (M A)
      Mergers and acquisitions bankers specialize in providing strategic advice to corporations seeking to merge with a competitor or buy a smaller company. These bankers need to have solid financial modeling skills in order to make sure that deals make strategic and financial sense. Bankers also require client facing skills, particularly at senior levels, where they will be interacting with many high-profile executives and need to be able to convince these executives that their ideas are sound. Many M A bankers work extremely long hours, but they can be very well compensated for this. Senior-level bankers (managing director level and higher) can easily pull in seven-figure compensation during a good year. Some mergers and acquisitions bankers eventually attain near legendary status for their ability to initiate and complete large deals.
  • Underwriting
    One of the primary traditional functions of investment banks has been to assist corporations and governments in raising capital. This function falls upon the underwriting department. Bankers in the underwriting department usually specialize either in debt or equity and may also specialize by industry. These bankers need to be able to liaison with their clients in order to determine their capital needs while also working closely with traders and security salespeople in order to determine what sort of demand there might be in the marketplace and what kind of pricing any securities would receive. While traditionally this field has been dominated by investment banks, over the past decade large universal banks have used their balance sheets to gain market share relative to their smaller rivals, particularly in debt underwriting. As with most investment bankers, underwriters can wind up working long hours, particularly when working on a deal. (To learn more, see The Rise Of The Modern Investment Bank .)
  • Private Equity
    Private equity jobs are among the most prestigious positions in all of finance today. Some of these positions can be found within an investment bank but most are found at specialist firms. Some of the largest and most well-known private equity firms include Blackstone, KKR and TPG, but there are also a host of smaller firms. As with most investment banking jobs, the hours and work load at a private equity firm can be brutal, but the compensation can be massive. Because private equity firms traditionally keep a portion of any profits they generate on deals, successful firms can bestow great wealth upon senior employees. As such, competition for jobs at the premier private equity firms is intense, and most successful applicants either have prior experience at a large investment bank or superior academic credentials (or both). (For more, check out Learn The Lingo Of Private Equity Investing .)
  • Venture Capital
    While private equity firms invest in established companies, venture capital firms specialize in providing capital to new or startup companies. Generally these companies are still relatively small and have not yet accessed the stock market. Many of these companies will fail, but because venture capitalists get in at such an early stage of development, the ability to produce outsized gains on the few winners theoretically outweighs a large number of losers. Many venture capital firms focus upon rapidly changing industries such as technology, biotech, or green technology. For these reasons, individuals that not only enjoy crunching numbers and deal making but also have an aptitude for new technologies will generally do best in a venture capital firm. Venture capital also has the ability to provide the thrill of seeking “the next new thing” which may appeal to some individuals. As with similar jobs, the workload can be heavy but successful venture capitalists can do extremely well for themselves, particularly during times when technology is thriving. (Check out The Top 9 Venture Capital Interview Questions .)
  • Summary
    Many of these jobs require individuals to work extremely long hours but the compensation can be tremendous. Because of the potentially large paydays, competition for these jobs is fierce and it can be difficult for many individuals to break into the profession. However, even though many investment bankers come to their career from a prestigious university and eventually get an MBA as well, that does not mean that there are not exceptions. If you are committed to working as an investment banker and believe that you have the prerequisite skills, you should explore these careers in greater depth regardless of your background.

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    Financial analyst job description template #commercial #finance

    #finance analyst jobs


    Financial Analyst job description

    This Financial analyst job description template is optimized for posting on online job boards or careers pages and is easy to customize for your company.

    Job brief

    We are looking for a Financial analyst to provide accurate and data based information on company’s profitability, solvency, stability and liquidity. You will research and analyze financial information to help company make well informed decisions, write reports and monitor financial movements.


    • Consolidate and analyse financial data (budgets, income statement forecasts etc) taking into account company’s goals and financial standing
    • Provide creative alternatives and recommendations to reduce costs and improve financial performance
    • Assemble and summarise data to structure sophisticated reports on financial status and risks
    • Develop financial models, conduct benchmarking and process analysis
    • Conduct business studies on past, future and comparative performance and develop forecast models
    • Identify trends, advise company and recommend actions based on sound analysis
    • Track and determine financial status by analysing actual results in comparison with forecasts
    • Reconcile transactions by comparing and correcting data
    • Gain and update job knowledge to remain informed about novelty in the field
    • Consult with management to guide and influence long term and strategic decision making within the broadest scope
    • Drive process improvement and policy development initiatives that impact the function


    • Proven working experience as a Financial analyst
    • Proficient in spreadsheets, databases, MS Office and financial software applications
    • Hands on experience with statistical analysis and statistical packages
    • Outstanding presentation, reporting and communication skills
    • Proven knowledge of financial forecasting and diagnosis, corporate finance and information analysis
    • Well informed in current financial subjects, tax laws, money market and business environment
    • BS degree in Finance, Economics or related field

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    Post this Financial Analyst job ad to 15+ free job boards with one submission

    The Alphabet Soup Of Financial Certifications #personal #finance #advice

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    The Alphabet Soup of Financial Certifications

    Loading the player.

    If you have trouble telling the difference between a CFA, CFP®, CIC, ChFC or any of the other financial certifications, you’re not alone. How do you sift through this alphabet soup to find the best financial professional for you? Here we look at the nine most popular designations with a brief explanation of the education and expertise each designation signifies, and the kind of work done by the professionals holding them.

    Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®)

    Those with the CFP ® designation have demonstrated competency in all areas of financial planning. Candidates complete studies on more than 100 topics, including stocks. bonds. taxes, insurance, retirement planning and estate planning. The program is administered by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. In addition to passing the CFP certification exam, candidates must also complete qualifying work experience and agree to adhere to the CFP Board’s code of ethics and professional responsibility and financial planning standards. (For more on obtaining the CFP designation, click here .)

    A financial planner works with individuals to help them understand their options and make financial decisions suited to their personal financial situation and goals. Since, because of the nature of their work, a lot of trust is placed in these individuals, the CFP Board posts information on the financial planning process and current licensees. allowing clients of CFPs to verify if their financial planners’ designations are in good standin g. The last thing anyone needs is to choose a CFP whose certification has been revoked.

    Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA ® )

    This designation is offered by the CFA Institute (formerly the Association for Investment Management and Research [AIMR]). To obtain the CFA charter, candidates must successfully complete three difficult exams and gain at least three years of qualifying work experience, among other requirements. In passing these exams, candidates demonstrate their competence, integrity and extensive knowledge in accounting, ethical and professional standards, economics, portfolio management and security analysis. (For more on obtaining a CFA designation, click here .)

    CFA charterholders tend to be analysts who work in the field of institutional money management and stock analysis, not financial planning. These professionals provide research and ratings on various forms of investments. (For more on the different types of analysts, see the article Analyzing The Analysts .)

    Certified Fund Specialist (CFS)

    As the name implies, an individual with this certification has demonstrated his or her expertise in mutual funds and the mutual fund industry. These individuals often advise clients on which funds to invest in and, depending on whether or not they have their license, they will buy and sell funds for clients. The Institute of Business and Finance (IBF), formerly known as the Institute of Certified Fund Specialists. provides training for the CFS, and the course focuses on a variety of mutual fund topics, including portfolio theory. dollar-cost averaging and annuities .

    The knowledge these CFS designees hold is kept current through their continuing education requirements .

    Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC)

    Individuals with the ChFC designation have demonstrated their vast and thorough knowledge of financial planning. The ChFC program is administered by the American College. In addition to successful completion of an exam on areas of financial planning, including income tax. insurance, investment and estate planning, candidates are required to have a minimum of three years experience in a financial industry position.

    Like those with the CFP designation, professionals who hold the ChFC charter help individuals analyze their financial situations and goals.

    Chartered Investment Counselor (CIC)

    Given by the Investment Adviser Association. this is a designation that CFA charterholders who are currently registered investment advisors can study for. The focus of the CIC program is portfolio management. In addition to proving their high-level expertise in portfolio management, these individuals must also adhere to a strict code of ethics and provide character references.

    Individuals who hold the CIC charter tend to be some of the major players in the financial world, such as those who manage large accounts and mutual funds.

    Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA)

    This designation focuses on asset allocation. ethics, due diligence. risk measurement, investment policy and performance measurement. Only individuals who are investment consultants with at least three years of professional experience are eligible to try to obtain this certification, which signifies a high level of consulting expertise. The Investment Management Consultants Association offers the CIMA courses.

    Individuals who hold CIMA designations are required to prove their expertise through continual recertification, which requires CIMA designees to complete at least 40 hours of continuing education every two years.

    CIMA designation holders tend to have careers with financial consulting firms, which involve extensive interaction with clients and the management of large amounts of money.

    Chartered Market Technician (CMT)

    To achieve this designation, an individual must pass three exams offered by the Market Technicians Association (MTA) and agree to adhere to the MTA code of ethics. Individuals with the CMT designation have a demonstrated expertise in the field of technical analysis. Often CMTs will work for hedge funds and money management firms.

    Certified Public Accountant and Personal Financial Specialist (CPA and PFS)

    Those holding the CPA designation have passed examinations in accounting and tax preparation, but their title does not indicate training in other areas of finance. So, those CPA holders who are interested in gaining expertise in financial planning in order to supplement their accounting careers need to become certified as personal finance specialists (PFS). The PFS designation is awarded by the American Institute of CPAs to those who have taken additional training and already have a CPA designation.

    Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU)

    This designation is issued by the American College, and those who hold it work mostly as insurance agents. The CLU designation is awarded to persons who complete a 10-course program of study and 20 hours of exams. The course covers the fundamentals of life and health insurance. pension planning, insurance law, income taxation, investments, financial and estate planning, and group benefits.

    How Meaningful Are These Letters?

    While certifications are not everything, you should give extra credit to investment professionals who have them. Most of these certifications require candidates to put in many hours of study and meet high ethical and professional standards. For instance, to get the CFA designation, candidates must put in approximately 250 hours of reading per exam, and there are three exams to pass. The tests are so intensive that approximately 64% of those who take just the level 1 exam will fail. Those who make it through all three levels and become charterholders are also bound to a code of ethics and rules of professional conduct, among other requirements.(For further reading, see Dispelling 5 Myths About Financial Planners .)

    Although the exams can be intense and the hours can be long, these designations should only be one part of your criteria when deciding on a financial professional. (For more on this decision-making process, see Shopping For A Financial Advisor .)

    The Bottom Line

    If you have to deal with a financial professional, it’s important that you know the extent of his or her expertise in different areas of finance. Now you have an idea of what some of the designations mean and what they require from those who hold them.

    A financial asset donation made to a non-profit group or institution in the form of investment funds or other property that.

    The amount by which assets exceed liabilities. Net worth is a concept applicable to individuals and businesses as a key measure.

    A style of trading that attempts to capture gains in a stock within one to four days. Swing traders use technical analysis.

    A type of federal, fixed-rate student loan that was available to college and university undergraduate and graduate students.

    Under certain circumstances, federally backed student loans – such as Direct Subsidized Loans and Federal Perkins Loans –.

    A provision of the U.S. federal income tax code that lets parents and students lower their tax liability by up to $2,000.

    Horizon Financial #kia #finance

    #horizon finance


    Horizon Financial is a broadly diversified financial services company formed for the purpose of achieving one key mission – helping people!

    Our mission is two-fold:

    • We will provide excellent advice and service to our clients as they work with our team to plan for their financial future, and wealth transfer.
    • We will provide excellent traning so that our advisors have up-to-date training on concepts, regulation, and products for the benefit of the client.

    Our primary business objective is to be the financial services provider of choice in every community we serve by demonstrating a level of ethics, competency, and professionalism that will set us apart from all our competitors and promote change for the better in our industry, for our customers, and the communities we serve.

    Our Executive Team and staff of professional employees believe in, and willingly agree to operate under, the following core values:

    • Integrity. Doing the right things at all times
    • Trust. Always being accountable for our actions
    • Service. Helping our clients by putting their needs and concerns first
    • Passion. Being motivated, driven, and determined to be the bestwe can be every day

    Why more Americans have been delaying retirement past age 65 and how it might affect their health and finances.

    An umbrella insurance policy can help protect assets in the event of an expensive lawsuit.

    Several ways in which homeowners might use home equity to help strengthen their financial positions in retirement.

    Monetizing a closely held business is often a long and difficult process, so business owners may benefit by developing an exit strategy.

    This calculator is designed to help you attach a dollar figure to your life’s work.

    Compare the potential future value of tax-deferred investments to that of taxable investments.

    How much would your monthly lease payment be?

    Is your personal inflation rate higher or lower than the CPI?