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Paris targets under threat as forecast 2% rise follows three years of zero growth

US president declines to condemn Philippine counterpart’s violent war on drugs

America will become ‘undisputed global oil and gas leader for decades’

Nicolas Hulot says utility must help country cut reliance on nuclear power

President looks unbeatable but campaign seen as chance to highlight injustices

Macri seeks to capitalise on midterm election victory with tax reform

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Saudi Arabia seeks to curtail growing regional influence of Iran-backed militia group

Surveillance overhaul hits almost all aspects of daily life in area 7 times size of UK

Maduro government unfazed by threats to seize oil exports and EU sanctions

Congressional Republicans face a battle reconciling different visions for overhaul

Szydlo doubts deal on Britain’s Brexit bill can be reached before December summit

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SEB and Handelsbanken say market is cooling but do not see a downturn as a problem

Opposition parties and rebel Tories have hundreds of amendments to the key piece of legislation

Turnbull’s coalition majority evaporates as dual citizenship rules claim another scalp

Alabama Senate candidate urged to drop out of race after accusation from fifth woman

Trump insists Russian leader’s denials of election meddling are sincere

Deadliest quake anywhere in the world this year

All but five members sign up to plan to revive efforts to share capabilities

Despite US withdrawal, the remaining 11 nations agreed to retain much of the original text

Paris targets under threat as forecast 2% rise follows 3 years of zero growth

Report predicts huge losses on investments as country shifts to renewable energy

Zuma accused of trying to pressure Treasury and push through plan to end university fees

Rescuers begin search after most deadly quake anywhere in the world this year

Stagnant labour incomes and sluggish productivity may have a common cause

Saad al-Hariri says he is free to leave Saudi Arabia but viewers have different ideas

Markets are not alone in their unsparing verdict on Theresa May’s bickering cabinet

British spymasters fear free anti-virus software may be being used as an intelligence-gathering tool by Moscow

Trickle-down mythology delivers all the benefits to the richest 1%

Sarah O’Connor and Helen Warrell discuss the employment landscape post-Brexit with Heather Rolfe

Allen & Unwin accused of self-censorship due to concerns of legal action by Beijing

UK fund provides venture finance for innovative treatments in the field

Young leave in increasing numbers frustrated by dysfunctional labour market

Resignation portrayed as ‘positive shock’ to challenge influence of Hizbollah

Businesspeople question whether arrests will really end abusive practices by the elite

GCHQ concerned by snooping potential of anti-virus product used by 2m Barclays clients

Hacking attacks on ruling party raise fears Beijing will seek to sway polls next year

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