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Noblesville Personal Finance Company

Edward Jones

1. Personal Finance Co

178 Logan St, Noblesville, IN 0.57 mi Financing Services, Financial Planning Consultants, Loans, Financial Services (317) 776-0515 Directions

  • 2. Personal Finance Co

    8425 Castleton Corner Dr, Indianapolis, IN 10.08 mi Financing Services, Loans, Financial Planning Consultants, Financial Services (317) 598-9266 Directions

  • 3. Personal Finance Co

    10045 E Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 18.72 mi Financing Services, Loans, Financial Planning Consultants, Financial Services (317) 899-1497 Directions

  • 4. Personal Finance Company

    8330 Michigan Rd, Indianapolis, IN 15.34 mi Financing Services, Financial Services (317) 334-8704 Directions

  • 5. Personal Finance Co

    1832 S Scatterfield Rd, Anderson, IN 17.75 mi Financing Services, Real Estate Loans, Mortgages, Financial Planning Consultants, Loans (765) 642-9923 Directions

  • 6. Personal Finance Company

    7. Personal Finance Co

    204 E Main St, Lebanon, IN 22.49 mi Mortgages, Loans, Financial Planning Consultants, Financial Services, Financing Services, Real Estate Loans (765) 482-1880 Directions

  • Nationwide Auto Insurance


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    Perry Law Office Fort Wayne

    Law Firms Fort Wayne

    At Perry Law Office. we understand that the legal system can be confusing and intimidating. You need to work with a local attorney you can trust with your personal legal matters, explain all of your options to you, and guide you through the legal system.

    Our experienced Fort Wayne attorneys provide debt collection services for a wide variety of clients throughout Indiana at our Fort Wayne law firm. We are locally-owned and operated and can serve your debt collection needs. We can also help with landlord tenant law, evictions and individuals who need to apply for or have been denied Social Security Disability Benefits. Our staff of dedicated Medicaid Attorneys and Elder Law Attorneys can also help you in your Medicaid Planning/Estate Planning; create or modify a Will, Power of Attorney. Trust, or Healthcare Representative; and Guardianships.

    Experienced Lawyers

    The attorneys at the Fort Wayne Law Firm. Perry Law Office, put their clients first and focus on the following areas of law:

    • Medicaid Planning/ Elder Law. Medicaid Planning is often used to avoid or minimize the high costs of nursing home care, and to preserve assets for surviving loved ones. Get free legal advice – Call Perry Law Office for a Free Consultation.
    • Social Security Disability. If you have been unfairly denied Social Security Benefits, you need a lawyer who can assist clients in obtaining the disability benefits to which they are entitled. Call a local attorney with an office near you.
    • Wills Estates. Perry Law Office can help you with estate planning administration, wills, living wills, trusts, power of attorney, Medicaid, and more.
    • Debt Collections. Our law firm provides consumer, retail, and commercial debt collection services with high recovery rates for any stage of delinquency. We also can help collect on dormant judgments.
    • Landlord Tenant Law – Evictions. Our law firm represents landlords through the eviction process and collection of damages.

    Contact Our Fort Wayne Law Firm

    Perry Law Office is dedicated to helping Fort Wayne and N.E. Indiana area residents, and businesses with legal matters. Our attorneys have over 80 years of experience and have built a reputation for trust, knowledge, and professionalism. Two of our attorneys have been practicing law since 1980. Our other two attorneys are younger and have been practicing law since 2010 and 2013. Our support staff consist of employees who have been with the firm for over 15 years. We will fight for you to achieve a successful outcome.

    To speak with one of our Fort Wayne attorneys or one of our experienced and friendly staff, call us today at (260) 483-3110 or


    * Please fill out all mandatory fields in order for Perry Law Offices to help you quickly and effectively.

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    S. Johnston (Retired):
    I heard about this company from a fellow retired friend and I am glad I decided to work here. I started off skeptical working part time from home and now I work part time or full time when I feel the need. Leipein Modus delivered on every promise and the flexibility is awesome. Great Company!

    A. Towne (College Student): As a college student I need a career with flexible hours and this organization is TOP NOTCH! I am able to go to school full time and make extra money each month to help ease my financial burden. My parents are happy I stopped calling for money and I am a proud independent contractor with Leipein Modus.

    K.Williams (Single Mother): Working my full time job and being a single parent is very difficult. At times it was hard to meet financial obligations and spend quality time with my children. I needed a part time job and my co-worker suggested Leipein Modus. I was skeptical at first to work with an at-home company but thinking of working part time as a waitress away from my children at night was more scary, so I decided to move forward.This is the best decision I could of made for a work-life balance. I spend more time with my children and make enough money to exceed my monthly obligations. Thank you to the leadership at Leipein Modus.

    G. Brown (Disabled): Being a disabled worker, I search for careers that have working conditions beneficial to my disability. I am a highly intelligent disabled senior worker and move around in a wheelchair each day. A disabled friend from my support group recommended Leipein Modus as an option to work from home. I am glad I did and now my working conditions are ideal, working from my home and I could not be happier. Thank You Leipein Modus for creating a company that has options for all workers.

    What Will You Do Each Day?
    You will take incoming customer service calls for Fortune 500 companies to resolve customer concerns from home. You set your own work hours/days each week. Hours are available 24/7 – 365 days annually.

    This is the Perfect part-time or full-time career. Apply Now!

    Fortune 500 Industries You Will Service:

    • Nation’s Largest Cell Phone Billing/Technical Support/Chat Providers
    • Most Recognized Cruise Lines
    • Automotive Roadside Assistance
    • Global Consumer Retail Chains
    • Energy Companies
    • Leading Tax Preparation Companies Many Many More!

    Requirements to Join Our Team:

    1. Must be 18 years or older
    2. Pass a Criminal Background Check
    3. Eligible to Work in the United States
    4. Must have Windows 10,8,7, XP, 2000 or Mac OSX Operating System
    5. Internet Access
    6. Telephone line: Analog or VOIP phones are fine such as Vonage etc.
    7. Work a minimum of 20 hours each week from home with 3-5 hours of the 20 hours worked on Saturday or Sunday
    8. Headset with a Microphone for your computer
    9. Successfully Complete the Online Training Certification Program

    Doctoral Programs #university, #indianapolis, #indiana, #colleges, #universities, #academics, #education, #degree, #learning


    Doctoral Programs

    Health Sciences

    The Doctor of Health Science (DHSc) program at the University of Indianapolis is designed to provide practicing clinicians and professionals with the necessary tools to advance their skills and knowledge, as well as expand career opportunities in the health sciences. UIndy’s DHSc program is primarily online and emphasizes education and leadership. The DHSc is an advanced program of study that provides education beyond entry-level doctoral degrees.


    Aimed at nurses working in administrative or advanced-practice roles, the post-master’s program will provide students with a mix of clinical, organizational, financial and leadership skills. Graduates will be prepared to use the latest research to enhance patient care and to evaluate and improve healthcare delivery systems.

    Occupational Therapy

    This full-time program prepares students to enter practice in the profession of occupational therapy, building a strong foundation that allows for future specialization after graduation.

    Physical Therapy

    The DPT program prepares outstanding clinicians to enter practice across the full spectrum of physical therapy settings. Our full-time, three-year program equips students with the knowledge and skills they need to function as physical therapists in increasingly complex and independent roles. Our graduates perform well on the physical therapist licensure exam and are highly regarded in the physical therapy job market.

    The tDPT program at UIndy is one of only a few programs to train international students at a doctoral level and prepare them for clinical practice in the U.S.


    The APA-accredited PsyD curriculum develops a solid foundation of core knowledge and assessment, intervention, and research skills by means of a structured sequence of classes and experiences. As students progress through the curriculum, they are systematically exposed to more applied, broad-based, and sophisticated course content. Students have the opportunity to develop expertise in a concentration area (Child and Adolescent Psychology; Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine; Adult Psychopathology and Psychotherapy) and to select elective courses. Three- and four-year options are available for completion of doctoral coursework. Graduates are fully eligible for licensure in every state.

    • large variety of practicum opportunities
    • option to obtain MA along with doctorate
    • assistantships and fellowships (diversity and academic)
    • small class sizes

    Substitute Teaching in Indiana, IN #indiana #substitute #teacher #requirements


    Becoming a Substitute Teacher in Indiana ,IN

    Indiana, a state with about 1,000,000 public students, is looking for more teachers. There are 1,158 public schools, broken down into 786 elementary, 291 middle, and 368 high schools. A growing state population coupled with economic upturn has allowed the state to continue expanding its educational system which makes now a great time to look into the educational industry. Becoming a sub is great for a number of reasons, including flexible work schedule that allows you time to pursue other endeavors as well as giving you a taste of the educational industry without going through all of the required qualifications to become a full time salaried teacher. Many substitute teachers find it possible to continue their education or work part-time on the side because of the flexible work schedule afforded to substitute teachers.

    Required Training, Qualifications, and Education

    To become a substitute teacher in Indiana you are not required to hold a Bachelor’s Degree. You do need to go in for state fingerprinting as well as stand and federal background checks. However, some districts have other requirements so make sure to check before applying.

    Licensure and Certification

    The following situations are required for a 3-year substitute teacher license–

    • Submit the Substitute Application through a local school system
    • Include any official transcripts, references, or other relevant material
    • Include required Application fee/s
    • Must reapply for certificate every four years

    Career Expectations For Substitutes in Iowa

    Economic upturn has allowed Indiana to expand it’s educational system. This means that more teachers and substitutes alike are in need. Along with the fact that a bachelors degree is not required now is a great time to become substitute teacher. Future employability is almost guaranteed due to the fact that the state has had a continually growing population. Becoming a substitute carries many unique advantages, many enjoy the open work schedule and use it to take advantage of other work opportunities as well as continuing education. The recession proved the educational system to be relatively stable as teachers faired better then most throughout the downturn. Along with the many other benefits of becoming a sub is the favorable boost it gives to your resume, even if you’re not looking to move into a full time teaching position.

    Salary Expectation

    The average salary of substitute teachers in Illinois is approximately $32,000 a year (according to ) which is about 7% higher than the national average. This number can vary greatly due to the fact that actual pay is greatly dependent upon variables like district, experience, and qualifications. Additional income can be gained during times when you are not substitute teaching through things like test proctoring as well as tutoring.

    IU Northwest – Indiana University Northwest, online university indiana.#Online #university #indiana


    IU Northwest

    Online university indiana

    Online university indiana

    Online university indiana

    Online university indiana


    Arts on Broadway

    Theatre’s rich history at IUN

    Online university indiana

    The Arts and Sciences Building will be formally dedicated on Aug. 25. This calls for a nostalgic look back.

    Business certification

    Lean Six Sigma

    Online university indiana

    Students, and now local professionals, can earn their green and black belts in this business education hallmark.

    New Master’s Degree

    Family Nurse Practitioner

    Online university indiana

    The MSN-FNP prepares registered nurses to become leaders in advanced nursing practice.

    Give Now

    Your generous support allows us to fulfill our promise of providing personal, affordable and life-changing education for all.

    CONNECT with US

    Online university indiana

    Online university indiana

    Online university indiana

    Online university indiana

    Online university indiana

    Online university indiana

    Online university indiana

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    World’s Leader in Drysuits Diver Thermal Protection

    Specializing in Made-to-Measure Custom Drysuit Designs

    Because every diver is different, DUI lets you select
    the drysuit model, design, color and options to meet
    your personal style. And with Select and Signature Series
    sizing, you will get the best fit on the planet!

    DUI is the Proud Owner Distributor of Ocean Management Systems

    Visit the OMS website for high performance equipment designed for divers.

    DUI Drysuit Owners Group Stories

    DUI FLX EXTREME by far the most comfortable drysuits we have ever owned

    Troy and Rachel Knabe

    DUI Team America drysuit is great in and out of the water

    DUI Gear Guide- Hot Off The Press!

    Get our newest product guide. We can easily mail you a copy or you can download a copy.


    DUI invented the telescopic torso self-donning front-entry drysuit. The Yukon is the latest model that features rip-stop nylon and butyl rubber/polyester trilaminate for comfort, flexibility and durability.


    Learn about considerations for a full face mask here.

    My Drysuit App

    Dream it. Design it.

    Nursing Schools in Indianapolis #nursing #schools #in #indianapolis, #nursing #programs #in #indianapolis, #nursing #schools #in #indianapolis #indiana, #nursing #colleges #in #indianapolis, #nursing #indianapolis


    Nursing Schools in Indianapolis

    Starting your nursing career in a large city may help you take advantage of public transit, a range of internship opportunities, and programs at nationally-known schools. Indianapolis, a city that’s home to over 1,525,000 people. is the largest city and capital of Indiana. Whether you want an undergraduate or graduate nursing degree, you may be able to get the education you need at one of the many nursing schools in Indianapolis, Indiana.

    Nursing salaries in large cities are often higher than they are in suburban or rural areas. Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. licensed practical nurses in Indianapolis claim an average salary of $ 42,690 per year. There are over 21,000 registered nurses in this state, earning an average of $ 63,340 per year (BLS, 2016 ).

    Curriculum, Costs, and Financial Aid

    As you look through different Indianapolis nursing schools, you may note that there are many different tuition rates in this city. The University of Indianapolis may be one of the lowest-priced options in this area. Tuition costs $319 per credit hour. At Indiana University. residents pay $10,208 per year and non-residents pay $32,350 per year. Tuition is highest at Indiana Wesleyan University. where all students pay $24,102 per year for tuition.

    To lessen your educational costs, you may consider applying for scholarships as soon as you get accepted to one of the nursing colleges in Indianapolis. The Union Hospital Foundation awards scholarships to nurses throughout Indiana. You may also be eligible for scholarships offered by the Indiana Center for Nursing. Each year, the Indiana Health Care Association funds scholarships for health care scholars.

    As an undergraduate student, you may have to meet several learning outcomes to be successful in your program. You will be expected to develop critical thinking skills that allow you to hone your clinical reasoning abilities. In addition, you should be able to offer nursing care that focuses on the individual as well as the population as a whole. While attending nursing courses, you can develop a strong sense of a nurse’s professional role in health care institutions.

    The nursing curriculum will likely have classroom-based courses, lab-based classes, and clinical courses. Commonly required courses include Foundations of Nursing, Pathophysiology, Gerontological Nursing, Nursing Care of Children, and Professional Development in Nursing.

    To learn more about all the different programs available, contact the nursing schools in Indianapolis listed on our site today.

    Life and Career Options in Indianapolis

    Attending one of the nursing programs in Indianapolis while working in a health care facility may help you get both experience and assistance or reimbursement for your educational costs. Franciscan St. Francis Health offers reimbursement for up to seven credits per semester. You must have been employed there for six months or more. Employees at Indiana University Health can get tuition reimbursement for their nursing classes. St. Vincent Indianapolis is another employer with this benefit.

    Indianapolis is home to a range of Magnet facilities. Magnet facilities, which are designated by the American Nurses Credentialing Center, are some of the best hospitals in the world in terms of nursing staff, professional nursing practice, and patient care. St. Vincent Indianapolis is Magnet-certified. Indiana University Health has three hospitals that have Magnet status: IU Health Methodist Hospital, IU Health University Hospital, and Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health. Several of these hospitals also have prominent research facilities, offering opportunities to those who go into nursing research.

    MSN Programs from Indiana Schools

    Listed below are all of the nationally accredited MSN programs with campus locations in Indiana.

    Home Pest Control New Pekin, IN #home #pest #control, #home #pest #control #indiana, #ant #control #new #pekin #in, #bed #bug #control #new #pekin #in, #bee #control #new #pekin #in, #bird #control #new #pekin #in, #bug #control #new #pekin #in, #cockroach #control #new #pekin #in, #flea #control #new #pekin #in, #fly #control #new #pekin #in, #insect #control #new #pekin #in, #mouse #control #new #pekin #in, #pigeon #control #new #pekin #in, #rat #control #new #pekin #in, #spider #control #new #pekin #in, #wasp #control #new #pekin #in


    Home Pest Control New Pekin, IN | Everyday Exterminators

    Pest Control New Pekin, Indiana

    Home Pest Control New Pekin, IN Our New Pekin exterminator s specialize in cockroach control, insect control, rat control, ant control, mouse control, bed bug control, pigeon control, bird control, bee control, flea control, bug control, spider control, wasp control, fly control, and much more. When you need pest control New Pekin, IN contact Everyday Exterminator s to get free estimates.

    New Pekin Pest Control is a major component of home maintenance. Why? Namely because unless properly maintained, any home can be invaded by pests. While not all pests are harmful, they can all be a nuisance. Here at Everyday Exterminator s New Pekin, IN, we believe in preventative pest control. We keep the bugs out before they ever become a problem in the first place. When needed, we perform reactive pest control, meaning, we can get rid of the pests you are currently seeing, and then continue to protect your home or business with our regular service.

    Pest Inspection New Pekin, IN

    Our trained and certified technicians will come out to your New Pekin home or office and evaluate your pest problem and come up with a solution that is both safe for you and gets rid of the pests. Our services are second to none and we even offer a free pest evaluation with no obligation. Call today to schedule a pest inspection New Pekin, IN 1-877-376-0016 .

    Pest Control Cost New Pekin, IN

    Average homeowners pay $150 to $300 for pest control New Pekin, IN. This is typically for a one-time visit, and valid for a home that is no larger than 1500 square feet. To save, many customers sign up with pest control preventative maintenance plans and can save hundreds of dollars. Monthly plans range from $30 to $50 per month. Semi-monthly fall within the range of $50 to $60 and quarterly maintenance can be as low as $100 and high as $300.

    Roaches, spiders, termites, ticks, mice, rats, fleas, and ants are the most common pests that will not take NO for an answer. Your New Pekin house is a very attractive food source and nesting area. This is usually the reason homeowners will opt for the above preventative maintenance plans.

    Our friendly and knowledgeable office staff are available to answer any of your pest control New Pekin, IN questions and schedule an appointment for you right away.

    Home Pest Control New Pekin, IN

    Just knowing that your New Pekin home is safe and no one is at risk of being bitten or affected by pests, is enough to keep your mind at ease. On the other hand, since pests can transmit diseases and cause serious physical damage to property such as home dwellings, furniture, equipment and food managing the risk that pests pose is critical. For pest control New Pekin, Indiana, contact Everyday Exterminator s and get the very best in the field. Call 1-877-376-0016 .

    Home Pest Control Services New Pekin, IN
    • Termite Control
      Contact Everyday Exterminators for all your termite control New Pekin, IN needs. Need termite treatment New Pekin, IN? Call us at 1-877-376-0016.
    • Cockroach Control
      Contact Everyday Exterminators for all your cockroach control New Pekin, IN needs. Need cockroach treatment New Pekin, IN? Fill out our online form .
    • Insect Control
      Contact Everyday Exterminators for all your insect control New Pekin, IN needs. Need insect treatment New Pekin, IN? Call us at 1-877-376-0016.
    • Rat Control
      Contact Everyday Exterminators for all your rat control New Pekin, IN needs. Need rat treatment New Pekin, IN? Contact us using our online form .
    • Ant Control
      Contact Everyday Exterminators for all your ant control New Pekin, IN needs. Need ant treatment New Pekin, IN? Call us at 1-877-376-0016.
    • Mouse Control
      Contact Everyday Exterminators for all your mouse control New Pekin, IN needs. Need mouse treatment New Pekin, IN? Fill out our online form .
    • Bed Bug Control
      Contact Everyday Exterminators for all your bed bug control New Pekin, IN needs. Need bed bug treatment New Pekin, IN? Call us at 1-877-376-0016.
    • Pigeon Control
      Contact Everyday Exterminators for all your pigeon control New Pekin, IN needs. Need pigeon removal New Pekin, IN? Fill out our online form .
    • Bird Control
      Contact Everyday Exterminators for all your bird control New Pekin, IN needs. Need bird removal New Pekin, IN? Call us at 1-877-376-0016.
    • Bee Control
      Contact Everyday Exterminators for all your bee control New Pekin, IN needs. Need bee removal New Pekin, IN? Please fill out our online form.
    • Flea Control
      Contact Everyday Exterminators for all your flea control New Pekin, IN needs. Need flea treatment New Pekin, IN? Call us at 1-877-376-0016.
    • Bug Control
      Contact Everyday Exterminators for all your bug control New Pekin, IN needs. Need bug treatment New Pekin, IN? Fill out our online estimate form .
    • Spider Control
      Contact Everyday Exterminators for all your spider control New Pekin, IN needs. Need spider treatment New Pekin, IN? Call us at 1-877-376-0016.
    • Wasp Control
      Contact Everyday Exterminators for all your wasp control New Pekin, IN needs. Need wasp removal New Pekin, IN? Fill out our online contact form .
    • Fly Control
      Contact Everyday Exterminators for all your fly control New Pekin, IN needs. Need fly extermination New Pekin, IN? Call us at 1-877-376-0016.
    • Raccoon Control
      Contact Everyday Exterminators for all your raccoon control New Pekin, IN needs. Need raccoon removal New Pekin, IN? Fill out our contact form .
    • Wildlife Control
      Contact Everyday Exterminators for all your wildlife control New Pekin, IN needs. Need wildlife removal New Pekin, IN? Call us at 1-877-376-0016.
    • Etc..

    Pest Control,Landscaping,Damage Restoration

    Medical Billing – Coding Schools in Florida #medical #billing #and #coding #schools #in #indiana


    Medical Billing and Coding Schools in Florida

    Medical Billing and Coding Jobs in Florida

    Four significant employers of medical billing and coding professionals in Florida are:

    Advanced Dermatology Cosmetic Surgery

    • Address: 4728 N Habana Ave #300, Tampa, Florida 33614
    • Phone Number: 866-400-3376
    • Website:

    Dr. Matt L. Leavitt founded Advanced Dermatology Cosmetic Surgery in 1990. Today there are multiple offices throughout Florida offering expertise and quick care. Their specialties involve complete care for the skin, nails, and hair, including cosmetic procedures like collagen injections and vein therapy. In addition to experienced dermatologists and physician assistants, there are licensed aestheticians that pamper the skin.

    Mount Sinai Medical Center

    • Address: 4300 Alton Road, Miami Beach, Florida 33140
    • Phone Number: (305) 674-2121
    • Website:

    Mount Sinai Medical Center (MSMC) was founded in 1949. It is the largest, private, independent, not-for-profit teaching hospital in South Florida. U.S. News World Report has named it one of America s top hospitals. MSMC has more than 3,000 employees, including more than 700 physicians. MSMC is proud to offer a competitive salary and benefits for employees.

    Tallahassee Primary Care Associates

    • Address: 1803 Miccosukee Commons Drive, Tallahassee, Florida 32308
    • Email Address: R t l a e p i a y . o
    • Phone Number: (850) 942-6624
    • Website:

    Tallahassee Primary Care Associates is a physician-owned group medical practice that was formed in 1997. Physicians still have individual offices, but they also have the added benefit of ancillary programs and services. Today, Tallahassee Primary Care Associates has 40 physicians and caregivers and 250 staff members who care for more than 80,000 patients.

    Boca Raton Regional Hospital

    • Address: 800 Meadows Road, Boca Raton, Florida 33486
    • Phone Number: (561) 955-7100
    • Website:

    Founded in 1967, Boca Raton Regional Hospital has grown to include 800 physicians, 2,000 nursing and support staff employees, and 1,200 volunteers. Its mission is to provide the community with high quality and cost effective healthcare. Accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, this not-for-profit hospital is set in the heart of the community just minutes from the beach.

    Top Cities in Florida for Medical Billing and Coding Careers

    Below is a list of the top cities in Florida for medical billing and coding professionals. It includes data provided by the BLS .

    Lakeland-Winter Haven, FL

    There are only about 440 medical billers and coders in the Lakeland-Winter Haven metropolitan area, but they earn high hourly and annual wages at $21.06 and $43,810, respectively. The lowest 10% of wage earners only earns an average of $20,370 annually, while the top 10% of earners makes $70,900 annually.

  • Crestview-Fort Walton Beach-Destin, FL

    The Crestview-Fort Walton Beach-Destin metropolitan area employs 90 medical billing and coding professionals, who average hourly and annual salaries of $17.01 and $35,380, respectively. The top 10% of earners makes an average of $54,400 annually, while the lower 10% makes about $20,950 annually.

  • Gainesville, FL

    The 270 medical billers and coders in Gainesville make, on average, about $18.30 an hour or $38,070 annually. The lowest 10% of earners makes $23,970 annually, while the top 10% brings in $54,410.

  • Tallahassee, FL

    The 130 Tallahassee medical billers and coders make around $33,800 annually or $16.25 an hour. The lowest 10% earns $20,930, while the top 10% makes $52,670.

  • Naples-Marco Island, FL

    The Naples-Marco Island metropolitan area employs 80 medical billers and coders. The highest 10% makes $50,050 per year, while the lowest 10% earns $24,600 per year. The average worker makes an annual wage of $36,150 or an hourly wage of $17.38

  • Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Miami Beach, FL

    The Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Miami Beach metropolitan area employs the most medical billers and coders in the state: 3,480. The average worker s hourly wage is approximately $17.29, and the average annual wage is $35,950. The highest 10% of earners makes $59,390, while the lowest 10% of earners brings in $21,120 annually.

  • Jacksonville, FL

    The city of Jacksonville is home to 750 medical billers and coders who make an average hourly wage of $16.04 or an annual wage of $33,360. The lowest 10% of workers makes $20,760 annually, while the top 10% makes $48,920 annually.

  • Pensacola-Ferry Pass-Brent, FL

    There are about 230 medical billers and coders in the Pensacola-Ferry Pass-Brent metropolitan area. The average earner makes $15.67 per hour or $32,590 annually. The lowest 10% of earners makes $18,820 annually, while the highest bracket of earners makes $52,050 annually, which is third highest in the state.

  • Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, FL

    The Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater metropolitan area houses 2,020 medical billing and coding professionals. They make an average of $16.40 hourly or $34,100 annually. Those in the top 10% of wage earners make $53,730 annually, while those in the lower 10% make $20,110 annually.

  • Orlando-Kissimmee, FL

    About 1,320 medical billers and coders can be found in the Orlando-Kissimmee metropolitan area. They average $16.43 hourly or $34,170 annually. The top 10% earns $50,960 and the bottom 10% earns $22,070 annually.

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