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R C I Financial Services

RCI Financial Services are a wholly owned subsidiary of RCI Banque SA which is Renault Group’s worldwide captive car financing company and Nissan Group’s captive car financing company in Europe. RCI is today present in 39 countries in Europe, North Africa, South America and Asia and finances approximately one million vehicles per year around the world.

RCI Financial Services Limited objectives are to support the sales and marketing activities of Dacia, Renault, Nissan and Infiniti as. Read more well as ensuring that we deliver a satisfactory return on the investment of our shareholder and parent company. The key factors in achieving these objectives are our integration with the four brands at all levels, our quality of service to our dealers and customers and our financial competitiveness.
The combined production of Renault and Nissan Alliance today represents over 9.4% of the global car market, at over 6 million vehicles a year.

The Alliance is one of the top five car makers in the world, with its five brands: Renault, Dacia and Samsung for the Renault group, Nissan and Infiniti for the Nissan Group. Show less

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Customer Reviews

1 customer would recommend this business to a friend

Zero stars. or negative if I could. Impossible to communicate with. They don’t understand a word you say. Never reply. Renault cars might be OK (not much better though) but their finance division is the pits. Seriously! Avoid at all costs.

Worst finance company I have ever dealt with, won’t answer emails or call back and are proving to be totally incompetent as each week passes. This useless bunch of idiots seem to be unable to set up a DD, I’ve been sent letters from them quite a few times now saying that a DD is set up followed by a. Read more more letters saying that they are unable to process the DD and also this will affect my credit rating, then they have the gall to try and charge me 12 a letter even though its all their fault. Each time I have contacted my bank they tell me that no DD has been set up by Nisasan. About 12 letters later from them and numerous phone calls and emails from me to them over a 5 month period we are still no further forward. Also when trying to get through to them on the phone takes an age because of being asked a bunch of stupid questions, that is frustrating alone. I even wrote to Head of Finance to complain about my treatment and surprise surprise I got no reply from him either, I stupidly took out a smallish loan to qualify for Nissan benefits as I intended to pay for car in full at the time of purchase but I was foolishly talked into taking out the loan by the salesman, just last week after many attempts I eventually got a settlement figure from them and paid it off in full just to have no more to do with this incompetent useless company, if you can I recommend that you stay well away from this lot. To submit this I have had to give it 1 star, I’d rather have given the 0 stars. Show less

A bunch of moronic retards. I unfortunately are dealing with this lot.
They are trying to stitch me up. my four year old Infinity car..this car I
handed back. I treated the car like a baby. they are charging me for a scuff
on the alloys and a small mark on the drivers carpet 240. the cars. Read more four years old. steer well away. Show less

RCI Financial Services: 0843 504 3752 #graduate #finance #jobs

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RCI Financial Services: 0843 504 3752

Contact Renault Customer Relations regarding RCI Financial Services phone this number: 0843 504 3752 / 0344 335 0000.

RCI Financial Services is a financing company run by in partnership with car companies Renault, Nissan, Infiniti and Dacia. Owned by lead partner Renault, RCI Financial aims to assist care hirers in buying their own vehicles.

With the popularity of hire purchase of its cars, the French automotive firm Renault felt the need to create a dedicated financing arm for its customers. Over decades, the RCI Financial offshoot has given thousands of Renault motorists easy payment plans and loan arrangements that help them own their cars outright.

Renowned for its financing, RCI Financial Services has for years partnered with Japanese counterpart Nissan. Together the partnership accounts for nearly 10% of the world s car market.

Contact RCI Financial Services

To contact RCI Financial Services, you have various options. In the first instance, visit the website: rcibanque.com this ensures you re using the latest contact details.

2 thoughts on RCI Financial Services 0843 504 3752

Callum Attfield says:

Agreement No 1003149319 Reg No KV61 AEG On 12/5/2015 I paid final payment to you for this vehicle of £3,338.62 would you please confirm there is no finance on this vehicle any more. Yours thankfully Callum Attfield.

Mr Stephen Lawrenson says:

Ref: Credit Search.
To Whom it may concern.

I ve had an Alert via my credit report. It says RCI FINANCIAL SERVICES LIMITED on 21st March 2015 have made searches of my credit report but I have no record of giving permission for the search to be made.

I understand that European Directive 95/46/EC (the Data Protection Directive) states that data can only be processed when the data subject has unambiguously given his consent .

I have no record of giving consent to any of the above searches of my credit file to be made, and it is reasonable to expect a credit reference agency to follow the appropriate diligence or care to ensure the request is lawful and genuine by asking for a copy of the consent before making entries in my credit file.

Please forward me a copy of the consent that allowed the above-named organisations or bodies to search my credit file, or in the alternative and pursuant to Section 10 of the data Protection Act, your written confirmation the searches have been permanently removed from my credit report. Please note, a court has a power to enforce compliance unless you give lawful reason why you should not comply with this request.

My name is at the bottom of my signature.

Can you please get back to me with 5 working Days.

I await your reply .

Kind Regards,
Stephen Lawrenson
I m available on Email only.

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The New Zealand Federation of Family Budgeting Services #masters #of #finance

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Snowed under by bills?

A budgeting service can help you with your personal budgeting. This means we can help you put together a plan to: get out of debt, start saving, and move forward with your finances.

Budgeting services don t help with business debt, but do work with individuals, couples and families.

As part of the national network, each budgeting service shares a common code of ethics, philosophy, and commitment to delivering top quality, free budgeting advice to family/whanau and individuals.

Our history

The New Zealand budgeting sector is unique. It owes its origins to the close relationship that developed in the late 1950s between Gray Vuglar, the then District Agent for the Department of Social Security and Dr Manahi Nitama Paewai, a local general practitioner in Kaikohe.

The number of budgeting services grew with support from the Department of Maori Affairs in the 1960s and then the Department of Social Welfare.

In the 1970s the Department of Social Welfare devolved responsibility for this work to the community sector, and our Federation was incorporated on 21 December 1973.

Our work was formalised in the 1980s and 1990s, with our Federation taking on responsibility for training budget advisers and supporting budgeting services.

We opened our first National Office in 1991 in Auckland and relocated this to Wellington in 1999.

We expect high standards of our member budgeting services, and this attracts high quality organisations into budgeting. Not all organisations can reach these standards look for the NZFFBS logo as a guarantee of quality standards.

Our people

Budgeting services are staffed by a mix of paid and volunteer budget advisers. All advisers complete our extensive training courses and are held to the same quality standards.

Our budget advisers are our most important resource, and that s why they re at the top of our structure .

From within our budgeting services we elect 23 District Representatives, 7 Regional Representatives and 7 Tangata Whenua Representatives to bring our voices to the national level to discuss policies, trends and strategic direction.

Our National Office is staffed by 12 employees who manage our training courses, tools of trade, and relationship building which is so essential to our core work.

Become a budget adviser

Budget advisers are everyday people with a desire to help others. It s thanks to them that we have so many budgeting services available in the community, helping around 50,000 client families per year.

Budget advisers undergo significant training developed and improved over the past 40 years. It is NZQA recognised as part of the NZ Certificate in Financial Services. There is also an ongoing professional development component of our training, so advisers have the up-to-date knowledge they need.

How to become a budget adviser?

Each individual budgeting service decides whether or not to take on new staff. Your first step is to contact the service nearest you (use our map ) and talk to the manager or coordinator. They will want to meet you and get to know you.

SUSHIL FINANCIAL SERVICES PVT LTD s Complaints at BSE, NSE and MCX #reconstruction #finance #corporation

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Sushil Financial Services Pvt Ltd (Sushil Finance) was founded in 1982 and acquired membership of BSE in the same year. The company is amongst the leading stock broking houses engaged in offering services such as trading in equities/derivatives/currency/ commodities, online trading, MFs & IPOs, institutional equities, insurance, depository, NRI/QFI services and loan against shares among others. It holds active membership of the cash and derivative segments of NSE and BSE. It is also a DP with CD.

Complaint against SUSHIL FINANCIAL SERVICES PVT LTD By Financial Year

Request Call Back

List of consumer complaints received for SUSHIL FINANCIAL SERVICES PVT LTD by its clients at BSE and NSE. These are some of the serious grievances which were not resolved by the brokers and the customer of SUSHIL FINANCIAL SERVICES PVT LTD filed a legal complaint against them.

The list also shows the number of active clients trading member SUSHIL FINANCIAL SERVICES PVT LTD has by the exchange and financial year. The data is provided by the exchange and update on quarterly. Please visit stock exchange’s for latest updates.

Summary of complaints received against brokers

Statistics in Retail Financial Services #capital #finance

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Statistics in Retail Financial Services

(Adams. Anagnostopoulos. Bellotti. Bakoben, Hand, Heard. Gandy. Missaoui, Veraart )

The aims and objectives of the Statistical Methods in Retail Financial Services Research Group are:

To apply statistical methods in the financial sector of industry; and

To develop new statistical methodology arising from the novel challenges presented by these applications.

It is very apparent that the level of sophistication of the methods and tools used by the banks to control their retail credit operations is increasing rapidly, and we aim to continue to be in the vanguard of this development. Our research involves all aspects of mathematics and statistics relating to the retail finance industry. including fraud detection, portfolio modelling, default correlation and risk management.

We have numerous links with organisations within the retail banking sector, and are always involved in discussions with banks and other financial bodies about possible collaborations or research sponsorships. Previous projects have been sponsored by Fair Isaac, Link Financial, and other bodies.

Specific areas of research interest within the Statistics for Retail Finance group:

  • Evaluating scorecards (Hand, Anagnostopoullos, Adams)
  • Fraud detection (Hand, Adams, Heard)
  • Inclusion of macroeconomic conditions on credit risk (Bellotti)
  • Use of survival and panel models for credit risk (Bellotti)
  • Applications of machine learning in credit risk modelling (Bellotti)
  • Stress Testing (Bellotti)
  • Modelling Loss Given Default (Bellotti)
  • Applications of graph mining to portfolio credit risk and fraud detection (Missaoui)

The group is part of the Quantitative Financial Risk Management Centre (QFRMC). This is a research consortium run from the Department of Mathematics at Imperial College, the School of Management at the University of Southampton, and the University of Edinburgh Business School. It was established by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, with additional funding from the Economic and Social Research Council and the Institute of Actuaries. It carries out research and organises conferences and other meetings addressing issues in the retail financial services sector, in collaboration with banks, credit agencies, and other bodies


  • Contributions to the Credit Industry Award, Credit Collections and Risk 2012 annual industry awards

Selected Publications (in chronological order):

Invited Talks / Keynote Presentations:

  • Bellotti (2013) CFE 2013, 7th CSDA International Conference on Computational and Financial Econometrics
  • Bellotti (2013) Royal Statistical Society Workshop: Advanced Statistical Methods in Credit Risk
  • Bellotti (2013) 8th Annual Forum on Retail Credit Risk, London
  • Bellotti (2013) National Association of Data Protection Officers
  • Hand (2012) “Big data: risks, opportunities, and challenges” Demographics User Forum conference on Retail issues, big data, and research.
  • Hand (2012) ” Discriminating or distinguishing? Legalities and moralities in scorecard construction” CCR-interactive, London
  • Hand (2012) ” Big bang, big data, big computers. Opportunities and challenges in modelling and anomaly detection”, Paris
  • Hand (2012) Keynote address, RSS Risk in Business: the business of risk, Telford
  • Hand (2012) “Innovation in customer decisioning to add business value”, Infoline Retail Credit Risk conference

Impact / Industrial Collaborations / Consultancy:

The Statistics in Retail Finance Research Group are active collaborators with the finance industry and have been involved in many successful consultancy projects with several financial institutions over the past thirty years. We usually work through Imperial Consultants (ICON). Some types of consultancy projects we have undertaken are:

  • Credit risk model development
  • Model validation and evaluation
  • Data network analysis
  • Fraud detection models

We regularly organize workshops targeted to practitioners in retail finance as well as the academic community. In the 2012/13 academic year we have hosted workshops onModel Risk and Big Data.


Crook J, Bellotti AG, 2012,

Asset correlations for credit card defaults

Applied Financial Economics. Pages: 87-95

The capital requirements formula within the Basel II Accord is based on a Merton one-factor model and in the case of credit cards an asset correlation of 4% is assumed. In this article we estimate the asset correlation for two datasets assuming the one-factor model. We find that the asset correlations assumed by Basel II are much higher than those observed in the datasets we analyse. We show the reduction in capital requirements that a typical lender would have if the values we estimated were implemented in the Basel Accord in place of the current values.

Credit scoring, insurance and discrimination

Statistics, Science and Public Policy XVI, Editors: Herzberg, Pages: 85-90, ISBN: 9781553393825

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  • Hand DJ, Crowder MJ, 2012,

    Pavlidis NG, Tasoulis DK, Adams NM, Hand DJ et al.. 2012,

    Brentnall AR, Crowder MJ, Hand DJ, 2011,

    The Best Writing on Mathematics 2011

    The Best Writing on Mathematics 2011, Editors: Pitici, Publisher: Princeton University Press, Pages: 67-74, ISBN: 9781400839544

    This book belongs on the shelf of anyone interested in where math has taken us–and where it is headed.

    Krzanowski WJ, Hand DJ, 2011,

    Bellotti T, 2010,

    Journal of Financial Services Marketing. Vol: 14, Pages: 268-277, ISSN: 1363-0539

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  • Brentnall AR, Crowder MJ, Hand DJ, 2010,

    Conference on Credit Scoring and Credit Control X, Publisher: PALGRAVE MACMILLAN LTD, Pages: 462-472, ISSN: 0160-5682

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  • Brentnall AR, Crowder MJ, Hand DJ, 2010,

    Brentnall AR, Crowder MJ, Hand DJ, 2010,

    Crook J, Bellotti T, 2010,

    Time varying and dynamic models for default risk in consumer loans


    • Author Web Link
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    • Citations: 9
  • Hand DJ, Zhou F, 2010,

    Contact Links

  • Business Financial Services: Merchant Funding – Loans #cl #finance

    #business finance loans


    Get Funds Fast. Grow Your Business.

    We provide up to $ 2 million in capital

    via small business loans and merchant cash advances to businesses as a lender in all 50 states and Canada.

    We’ve delivered more than $ 1 billion

    in total to small- and mid-sized businesses across more than 400 industries with our business financial services, helping entrepreneurs like you access working capital for any business need.

    Better Business Bureau A+ rating

    is a result of years of experience and firm financial backing for thousands of small businesses – 80% of which are repeat business.

    Small Business Finance Options

    Small Business Loans

    Looking for a one-time infusion of capital? Have an ongoing need for business capital? We offer fast and easy access to funding based on your current cash flow.

    Merchant Cash Advances

    If you accept debit/credit cards and need payback flexibility, a merchant cash advance lets you obtain funding for any business expense by leveraging your future card sales.

    Featured Funding

    A construction company in California used a $98,000 business loan for cash flow and taxes.

    In Pennsylvania, a restoration company consolidated their debt with funds from a $41,000 business loan.

    Inventory purchases for an animal hospital in Colorado were made possible by a $20,000 loan.

    Our financing provided a beauty salon the $35,000 they needed to purchase inventory.

    With a $45,000 loan, an Italian restaurant in Texas was able to upgrade their equipment.

    We helped a grocery store in Washington cover $29,500 in remodeling costs.

    A retail store in New York borrowed $40,000 to restock inventory.

    A BBQ restaurant in North Carolina used a $72,000 loan to increase their cash flow.

    Debt consolidation was possible for a New Jersey Imaging center with a $128K loan.

    Needing to remodel, a resort and spa in Florida used a $635,000 loan to complete the work.

    An electrical contractor used $220,000 to increase staffing for a project.

    Equipment purchases for a construction company in Illinois were made possible by a $125,000 loan.

    To increase inventory, a warehouse in California used a $140,000 business loan.

    A yacht charter company in Florida used $200,000 for advertising expenses.

    A contractor in New Hampshire used a $220,000 loan to improve cash flow.

    With a $275,000 business loan, a welder in Minnesota was able to boost cash flow.

    An architecture firm in Washington DC improved their cash flow with a $182,000 loan

    A $242,000 loan helped a Florida sprinkler company expand their business.

    General Services Administration – Michael Graves Architecture – Design #nissan #finance #canada

    #international finance corporation


    General Services Administration

    International Finance Corporation Headquarters

    Washington, DC/USA

    The 1.1 million square foot headquarters building was designed to meet two potentially conflicting goals: ensuring the security of employees and providing a sense of transparency. Located in the heart of Washington, DC, the exterior design responds to its contextual surroundings. In addition to offices, the program includes a conference and training center, multi-purpose auditorium, library, cafeteria and dining rooms, among other common facilities.

    • AIA-NJ Award; US EPA Energy Star
    • Associated Builders & Contractors Excellence in Construction Award
    • Architectural Precast Association Award for Design & Manufacturing Excellence



    Though designed prior to the LEED system accreditation, the building is a model of sustainable design. The project features high-efficiency mechanical systems and efficient use of task lighting. By monitoring electrical demand levels and establishing a peak target, the energy management system is programmed to minimize energy usage without compromising occupant comfort.


    The design presents a fresh image for the IFC. To provide a sense of openness, public functions such as the library, dining rooms, and lobby lounge were located at the perimeter of the building, visible from the street.

    First Cash Financial Services #computational #finance

    #cash finance


    First Cash Financial Services, Inc. is a leading provider of specialty consumer financial services and related retail products. First Cash operates pawn stores and cash advance stores.

    Pawn stores (First Cash Pawn and Famous Pawn) offer small loans secured by personal property such as jewelry, electronics and tools. Pawn stores offer a wide variety of quality retail merchandise acquired through loan forfeitures or the direct purchase of items from customers. Many pawn stores also offer short term cash advances and other credit services products.

    First Cash’s short term cash advance locations (First Cash Advance) provide various combinations of short term loans, payday loans and check cashing products.

    First Cash Financial Services, Inc. is a leading provider of specialty consumer financial services and related retail products. First Cash operates pawn stores and cash advance stores.

    Pawn stores (First Cash Pawn and Famous Pawn) offer small loans secured by personal property such as jewelry, electronics and tools. Pawn stores offer a wide variety of quality retail merchandise acquired through loan forfeitures or the direct purchase of items from customers. Many pawn stores also offer short term cash advances and other credit services products.

    First Cash’s short term cash advance locations (First Cash Advance) provide various combinations of short term loans, payday loans and check cashing products.

    Working at IEMAS Financial Services: Employee Reviews #reliance #home #finance

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    IEMAS Financial Services Employee Reviews in South Africa

    Quality assurance(QA) (Current Employee) Pretoria, GP July 7, 2015

    since joining this company I have learned a lot of things in terms of credit rating of individuals as well as affordability in terms of qualifying criteria. The management is dynamic keeping up with the changes in their fields.

    as a team player I really enjoyed working with my co-workers and we always share and teach each other everyday. The hardest part of the job is that you must be very vigilant and observant before releasing the funds and also be disciplined and standing your ground.
    the most enjoyable part of the job is that you deal with what you see and if it is not the intended document you do not attend to and the other thing is you don t have to wait for your boss to tell you to do the job you do it as it comes.

    We work freeliy and knocking off at 3 on fridays allows one to relax.

    Asset Based Finance Sales Consultant (Current Employee) Pietermaritzburg, ZN June 12, 2013

    systems always giving problems
    i have learnt acquired alot-RE exams Credits
    like anywhere-some u call friends and others to watch out for.
    trying to make yourself heard with a room full of deaf people.
    the drive it gives me, the excitement on a clients fac when they can pick their vehicle up from a dealership/loan has been approved.

    2016 work placements at RCI Financial Services #finance #news

    #rci finance


    2016 work placements at rci financial services

    Job Information

    RCI FS are the global finance house for the automotive manufacturers Renault, Nissan, Dacia and Infiniti. At the crossroads between the automotive and finance sectors, two fascinating industries, we can offer a unique perspective for undergraduate students seeking practical business experience.

    This year we aim to provide ambitious students with the opportunity to join our team for a 12 month period. We understand the importance of gaining the right work experience during your studies. You will need to be prepared to get involved from the start and take on responsibility while meeting new challenges. In return we offer to fully immerse you within our business and support your ongoing development.

    The HR department’s responsibilities cover the full HR activity life cycle, recruiting employees with the right skills and application, training, personal and career development, reward, developing HR policies and working practices. HR are also responsible for the physical environment, facilities and health and safety.

    The Sales Operations department work with sales team members to coordinate sales strategies and tools. The sales operations are a combination of company procedures, business activities and strategic sales implementations within a company consistent with company goals and objectives. As a whole, sales operations help the company reach business targets and financial goals.

    The Marketing department is about communicating the value of our product, service and brand to customers and consumers. The marketing department has overall responsibility for growing revenue, increasing market share and contributing to company growth and profitability. It promotes the business and drives sales of our products and services as well as provides the necessary research to identify the company’s target customers and other audiences.

    Network Funding (Commercial Finance)

    The Network Funding department exists to assist Renault UK Limited and Nissan Motor (GB) Limited to sell cars and vans by providing stocking and funding to their respective networks of dealerships. In so doing, we also aim to satisfy the objectives of RCI Banque SA by achieving an appropriate return on capital employed, whilst at the same time protecting the assets of our business.

    Finance (Accounting and Reporting)

    Financial Accounting Reporting is concerned with making sure the controls and checks are in place so that all transactions are recorded and all payments are made accurately. Financial Accounting Reporting also ensures our compliance with accounting standards and tax regulations. It is also the department that pays your expenses thus ensuring the smooth running of our payments and collections processes and making certain that we are adequately funded.

    Finance (Management Accounting)

    Management accounting is concerned with creating the P L and performance indicators of the company every month. The department is responsible for the commercial month end, general expenses consolidations, calculating the funding needs, calculating all the risk provisions of the company and managing all the business units of the company. Management accounting is also the department in charge of creating and manager the forecast plans for RCI and validating any pricing, new business or products.

    The Information Systems department is broad and integrated with the whole organisation. It covers a wide range of responsibilities such as; making available a suite of computer applications that enhances the ability of RCI Financial Services Limited, to integrate these applications so that information moves smoothly and accurately, to understand the business requirements of all functions to continually improve on existing processes and applications. Monitor evolving technology and business practice and recommend investment in new systems where appropriate and support computer applications, hardware and communications to both internal departments and to external customers and suppliers.

    Head of Fleet is responsible for the development of finance and services business to small and medium business enterprises. Co-ordinating all departments including Sales, Marketing, Operations and in partnership with motor manufacturer partners. The role is to provide analytical and administrative support for the Head of Fleet.

    Provide support to Head of Fleet in all aspects of their role.

    Administration to support management of a variety of key projects

    Analysis of trends and performance with regard to products and services. Summarising and presenting key findings.

    Liaison with all relevant departments including the motor manufacturers to support the objectives of the Head of Fleet

    Launched last year and leading the UK’s retail savings account tables, our start-up sister company RCI Bank offers an exciting general management opportunity.

    As a smaller team in a fast-moving market you’ll support entrepreneurial colleagues across operations, customer service, marketing and data analysis functions, as well as get involved in the general management of RCI Bank, and managing your own projects.

    This role would suit a good all-rounder with a good eye for detail, ability to multi-task and deliver to tight deadlines, a love of numbers and a passion for doing things differently.

    Entrant Requirements

    If you have a passion for business and you are driven to succeed, we want to hear from you.

    • 280+UCAS Points
    • Studying a degree with a placement year or an approved gap year
    • Eligible to work in the UK for a placement year from July 2016

    Meet Our Current Undergraduate Placement Students

    Meet Our Current Undergraduate Placement Students

    Learn about our current Placement Students and their experience at RCI Financial Services