Jan 19 2018

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Pro Funds Mortgages is packed with versatility and flexible investment options. Check out some of our highlights below!

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Important Applications & Downloads!

If you are looking for a mortgage for either a purchase or refinance please follow the link below and click on “Apply Now” to fill out an online mortgage application. If you require any assistance please contact us toll free at 1.888.330.3866. Once your application is submitted a member of our team will contact you regarding your mortgage and financing options.

Online Mortgage Application

If you are looking for a mortgage for either a purchase or refinance please use the link below to view the downloadable application form. After downloading and saving the application on your computer, you can complete the required information and submit your form electronically. If you require any assistance please contact us toll free at 1.888.330.3866. Once your application is submitted a member of our team will contact you regarding your mortgage and financing options.

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Pro-FEP Questionnaire

If you are looking to consolidate your debts, renew a mortgage, extract equity in your home to invest, or are just looking to get a better rate, please complete a mortgage application form (link above) along with a refinance property information sheet provided below and e-mail to or fax directly to 905.842.7241. Once your application is submitted a member of our team will contact you regarding your mortgage and financing options.

Property Information Sheet

Use the cash flow analysis sheet below to determine your property’s debt coverage ratio and viability. Contact us with any questions or concerns you may have toll free at 1.888.330.3866.

Cash Flow Statement

Pro Funds Youtube Videos

Visit out Youtube Channel here for television shows, interviews, tips and more! Our video below is an example of the quality content we regularly provide.

Recent Pro Funds Testimonials

Carmen is amazing at arranging mortgages – especially for people who (like myself are self-employed and) may not fit the typical buyer mould! After receiving several No responses from banks, brokers and lenders, I was connected with Carmen who, despite the challenges of my situation, was refreshingly confident in her ability to help me finance the property of my dreams!

I found working with Carmen and her team to be a very enjoyable and supportive experience. Carmen and Blair on her team specifically, were excellent at setting realistic expectations.and following-up with me throughout the entire process. There was never a time that I did not know where things stood with them. They are very competent and extremely professional mortgage experts who seem to truly want to help people!

Thank you Carmen, I appreciate all of the help that you gave me! I would not hesitate to recommend Pro-Funds to anyone who needs financing help to achieve their dreams!

As part of my Asset allocation strategy, I have been investing with Pro Funds Mortgages for over 3 years and have received exceptional returns on my real estate mortgage investment portfolio, which is currently spread over ten projects, and counting. I believe the success to passive mortgage investment is to effectively manage the risk vs. the reward. Carmen and her team at Pro Funds Mortgages and Valour Group Inc. are highly experienced at identifying managing high yield mortgage investment projects, have skin in the game (it’s own money invested in most projects), and have decades of expertise to protect my investment when necessary.

Transparency, full disclosure and timely reporting are hallmark of the professional services that I receive from Pro Funds Mortgages.

Pro Funds Investment Operations team, headed by Jordan Campagnaro is seamless from start to finish — be it project due diligence and/or legal paperwork, they are always available to answer my questions and concerns. Jordan’s dedicated team put together the following extensive legal regulatory paperwork and have always worked diligently to ensure that I am able to accurately complete and forward the paperwork to Investor/Lenders’ lawyer to accomplish timely financial closing, as well as, registration of “Mortgage/Charge” (at the Land Registrar) on the borrower’s property as security for the loan.

With growing trust and confidence in Pro Funds Mortgage Investment Offerings, its effective administration of each project until completion, as well as, retention of a highly experienced real estate land development lawyer, who solely works for Investors/lenders interest in each project — I have with confidence, adopted an “interest compounding’’ strategy, whereby interest lender fees earned from invested- projects are “re-invested” along with additional capital in new mortgage investment projects, which effectively yield higher consolidated returns for my investment portfolio — due to the powerful benefits of compounding.

Many thanks Pro Funds for helping me build my self-directed retirement fund!

Syed Atique Ahmad – over 3 years invested in Pro Funds’ Mortgage Investment Portfolio

  • I have been an investor with Profunds for several years and continue to be very impressed with the returns on the deals that I’ve done. As a person with no business background, Carmen and her team have carefully taken the time to walk me through the steps to making safe investments that consistently outshine whatever sad returns are offered by my bank and my Financial Advisor!

    I work very hard for my money, and am not much of a risk taker, and that’s why Profunds is the perfect fit. I completely trust Carmen and her team to help make my money work for me. And the best part is that it’s in a completely passive way! I have not found a better investment opportunity anywhere else. Profunds is it!

    Susan Rampersaud

  • My name is JosuГ© CinГ©us I am a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones Investments in Oakville. A good friend of mine was in real trouble when her seasonal flower shop did not produce enough to pay her rent. Having exhausted all avenues she came to me to see how I could help. The rent was due the next day or a lock would have been put on her business. I knew of only one person who could come through in less than 24h and the only name I could come up with was Carmen Campagnaro. I met Carmen close to 10 years ago while I was involved in Real Estate and she made such an impression on me that I have always kept her in my mind. Carmen did the impossible, went as far as negotiating with the Landlord on behalf of my florist friend and saved her business, name and reputation by lending her funds to pay her rent. What was more impressive is that Carmen does not do deals for such small amounts but she did it for my friend. What an amazing woman she is. Carmen never forgots her small beginnings and this is powerful.

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