Apr 29 2017

About Us – The Institute of Legal Finance and Management #farm #finance

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About Us

The Institute of Legal Finance and Management (ILFM) is the UK s leading membership organisation in the legal sector that provides a range of services designed exclusively for legal finance experts and legal management professionals, such as legal cashiers, accounts managers, COFA s and practice managers, as well as sole practitioners who deal with these roles.

By offering regular and industry-relevant training courses, regulatory information, a live chat support feature, and an industry magazine, the ILFM has become the go to for thousands of leading professionals, including those considering a new career in the legal sector.

Who s behind the ILFM?

The ILFM is a not-for profit membership organisation, which is managed by a team based in Sidcup in Kent who manage membership support services from day to day. The team is supported and governed by an Executive Council. comprising of members elected at the Annual General Meeting.

The ILFM was founded in 1978. Until 2010 the ILFM was known as the Institute of Legal Cashiers and Administrators (ILCA).

Who our members are

The ILFM s membership base represents a large percentage of legal industry professionals belonging to both large and small practices, with some being self-employed and working from home. Want to join?

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