Apr 29 2017

Motorcycle Loans – Great Rates, Fast Approval #motor #finance #calculator

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Work out your budget

Try our quick and easy calculator to find out what your repayments will be. Repayments can be structured to suit your needs.

Disclaimer: The calculations performed and the results provided by the calculators on this website are based on an assumed interest rate of 11.95% per annum. The actual interest rate charged by Stadium Finance in any particular case will be in a range of 9.95% p.a. to 17.95% p.a. and will depend upon the factors explained on the Interest Rates page of this website. Accordingly, the actual repayments in any case may be lesser or greater than those determined by the calculators on this website. The calculations provided using the calculators on this website should not be your only source of information and advice when making financial decisions. Stadium Finance recommends you seek professional advice.

Stadium Finance can get you on two wheels fast, with great terms and sharp rates.

At Stadium Finance we ve got a great, friendly team who have helped thousands of kiwis to buy the motorcycle of their dreams.

We offer loans for new or used motorbikes, through private sale or dealerships. You can get your loan pre-approved, then look for your new motorbike and negotiate as a cash buyer.

So what are you waiting for? We would love to help you jack up finance for your new motorbike. So let s get started!

Getting a motorbike loan is easier and more affordable than you think.

  • 24 hour approval apply online or give us a call and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.
  • Pre-approval even if you haven’t found the right car yet, you’ll know how much you can borrow.
  • Sharp rates we offer outstanding rates to people with a good credit rating.
  • 12-60 month finance terms available we work within your budget.
  • Flexible repayments weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Legal stuff you need to know

  • Security – we use your new motorcycle as security against your loan.
  • Interest is calculated and charged monthly – your repayments are fixed for easy budgeting.
  • You must be 18 years of age or over to apply for a loan and you need a restricted or full driver’s licence.
  • Normal credit and lending criteria and a documentation fee apply.
  • See our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Lifestyle protection insurance

It’s a smart move to take out Lifestyle protection insurance alongside your motorcycle loan. This covers you for any unforeseen events, such as losing your job or illness that affects your ability to repay the loan. In such cases, the insurance will continue to cover your repayments.

For more information on Lifestyle protection insurance click here .


Car loans

Found the perfect car? Or still looking but have a good idea what you want to spend? Either way, we can get your finance sorted quickly and easily.

Personal loans

Need cash for an emergency or unforeseen expenses? We can give you a quick decision, with competitive interest rates and flexible repayments.

Caravan and motor home finance

We finance NZ-wide for all types of caravans, motor homes and RV’s. You’ll get a fast decision with more options and cheaper rates than from a bank.

Vehicle leasing

Smart businesses understand the advantages of leasing vehicles, to free up capital. We can arrange a competitive lease tailored to your specific needs.

Motorbike loans

For on-road or off-road bikes we can offer you great terms and sharp rates. We can finance new or used motorcycles, through private sale or dealers.

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We offer loans for new or used boats and yachts of all classes, through a dealership or a private seller – with fast approval and competitive rates.

Trailer finance

Whether you’ve picked out the perfect trailer at your local dealer or found one to buy privately, we can help with finance on flexible terms.

Insurance Solutions

It’s a smart move to take out loan protection insurance along with your loan. If unforeseen circumstances occur, it means your repayments are covered.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Need a car loan? We can help you, anywhere in New Zealand!

  • Buy your car from any local dealer
  • Get your finance first
  • No deposit required (subject to approval)

At Stadium Finance, we specialise in all types of car loans and vehicle finance. And we are definitely not your average finance company.

We treat you as an individual. We are on your side to help you get the best car loan deal possible. We look at your individual circumstances and we make our decisions based on YOU – not purely on someone else’s rules or just ticking boxes.

We have a dedicated team of car loan experts waiting to help with your enquiry

It’s not necessarily a problem if you don’t have a deposit to put down. Just talk to us and we’ll do everything we can to get you and your new set of wheels together. So get in touch, let’s talk about sorting the car loan or car finance that’s right for you.

We offer car loans for all types of people and all types of vehicle

Whether you’re a young person looking to buy your first car, a family looking for a bigger, more modern vehicle, or an older couple looking to downsize your car – we can help you!

We’ve provided finance for 1000s of vehicles, for small run arounds for commuting to work or the shops, to mid-sized family cars, people carriers and station wagons for chauffeuring the kids to their various activities, to premium vehicles at the higher end of the market – we can finance them all!

Apply online in under 15 minutes – get approval in as little as two hours

Whether you’re looking at a car from a dealer or private seller, we can help. You can apply online in under 15 minutes or call and speak directly to one of our car loan specialists.

We can help you choose the car loan to fit your needs and we can usually let you know within 2 business hours if you have been approved.

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