Apr 30 2018

People s United Equipment Finance Corp, reconstruction finance corporation.#Reconstruction #finance #corporation

reconstruction finance corporation

Reconstruction finance corporation

f/k/a Financial Federal Credit Inc.

that specializes in financing and leasing equipment

in the construction, transportation, and waste industries.

Reconstruction finance corporation

Reconstruction finance corporation

Reconstruction finance corporation

People’s United Equipment Finance Corp. is a premier commercial finance company specializing in financing and leasing equipment in the following industries:

People’s United Equipment Finance Corp. was founded in 1989 as Financial Federal Credit Inc. We are a financial services company with over $1.2 billion of assets. We provide collateralized lending, financing and leasing services nationwide to small and medium sized businesses with annual revenues typically below $25 million in the general construction, road and infrastructure construction and repair, road transportation and refuse industries. We finance new and used revenue-producing, essential-use equipment from major manufacturers that is movable, has an economic life longer than the term financed, is not subject to rapid technological obsolescence, can be used in more than one type of business and has broad resale markets. We finance bulldozers, buses, cement mixers, compactors, concrete pumps, crawler cranes, earthmovers, excavators, hydraulic truck cranes, loaders, motor graders, pavers, personnel and material lifts, recycling equipment, resurfacers, rough terrain cranes, sanitation trucks, scrapers, trucks, truck tractors and trailers. Virtually all of our finance receivables are secured by a first lien on the equipment financed.

Our marketing activities are relationship and service oriented. We focus on providing prompt, responsive and customized service. Our marketing and managerial personnel average about twenty years of financing experience in the industries they serve. We believe their experience, knowledge of equipment values, resale markets and local economic and industry conditions, and their relationships with current and prospective customers enable us to compete by providing prompt, responsive and customized service. Our customer service includes making prompt credit decisions, arranging financing terms to meet customers needs (and our underwriting criteria), providing customers with direct contact to our executives with decision-making authority, and giving prompt, knowledgeable responses to customers inquiries and business issues.

We have marketing personnel in over twenty locations nationwide, including eight full-service operations centers in Texas, North Carolina, New Jersey, Illinois and California. We originate finance receivables through relationships with equipment dealers and, to a lesser extent, manufacturers (collectively referred to as vendors ) and by marketing our services direct to equipment users to buy equipment or refinance their debt. Vendors refer their customers to us and we purchase installment sale contracts, leases and personal property security agreements from vendors who extended credit to their customers. We also provide capital loans and we lease equipment typically under noncancelable full-payout leases.

1300 Post Oak Blvd

Houston, TX 77056

4225 Naperville Road

300 Frank W. Burr Blvd

Teaneck, NJ 07666

Charlotte, NC (Transportation)

10715 David Taylor Dr

Charlotte, NC 28262

10715 David Taylor Dr.

Charlotte, NC 28262

1936 E. Deere Ave.

Santa Ana, CA 92705

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