Apr 29 2017

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Qatar Finance House

We are very proud, having attracted and impressive clientele including medium, large, and multinational corporations and government entities, to identify just a few. Our mission is to provide entrepreneurs with result-oriented, project-specific business and project financing, asset management, trust services and products, credit enhancements, and bank proof of funds for maximum advantages and confidentiality. As one of the most experienced project finance groups in the world, we have more than 200 dedicated specialists Agents worldwide who are fully qualified to provide financial and regulatory advice Additionally our advisory team contains 1200 field specialists.

Our finance specialists advise clients on a wide range of financial products including credit, currency, interest rate, equity and commodity derivatives. They also provide a truly global coverage giving customers access to financial products expertise not only in the well-established markets but also in developing ones. Our lending criteria is based on the project, situation, its location within the community, innovation and future prospects, rather than certain geographic locations. The ultimate goal is to empower entrepreneurs and managers to successfully develop, expand, and streamline new and/or existing units or projects for the betterment of the firm, employees, and community.

In short, it is our clients drive and commitment that ensure that we continue to match our clients expectations and that is what makes our organization such a dynamic and vibrant provider of financial services and products, We have created financing structures for projects worldwide for over 25 years!

When it comes to project funding, a good investor will seek to build relationship based on a true spirit of partnership by being supportive and available in good times as well as during the more difficult periods.

Such an investor views each relationship with a client and/or a project promoter as a long term investment. The optimum situation in project funding is to have an investor that is active in originating, structuring, funding, and executing add-on acquisitions and consolidation strategies, bringing partners on board, and capitalizing on the talents of executives in order to add value to a project- no matter the type of project, if you are looking for a partner that is creative, solution oriented and known for being the most flexible funding source on the market in creating customized investment structures to meet the needs of your group project funding needs, We invite you to Contact Us.

Get a trusted merchant banker to build the financial structure you need to get your project off the ground. Get funded.



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