Nov 8 2019

Star Rating System for Websites, RatingWidget, commercial realstate.

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Equipped with Powerful Features

We made the setup process so simple and fast that even your mom can do it.

Our lightweight client side script is only 17kB minified and gzipped. Additionaly, it’s loaded asynchronously.

Increase your SERP CTR and boost your search traffic with Google Rich-Snippets integration.

We provide our ratings solution as a service.

No Servers, No Storage – No IT involved!

Make it shine | Fully Customizable

Customize your ratings’ look and feel to match your unique website’s personallity.

Keep your mobile users in front | Mobile Optimized

Don’t leave your mobile users in the dark. We made the mobile user-experience highly intuitive and user-friendly.

Select your favorite language | Multilingual

The Rating-Widget is multilingual and currently translated into 40 languages.

Trusted by more than 200,000 Blogs, online Shops & Websites!

Questions And Answers

What is Rating-Widget?

Rating-Widget is the Self-Hosted Star Rating System for your Blog or Website. i.e. a voting control which enable rating elements of content in your site by its readers.

How is Rating-Widget’s Star Rating System different?

The Rating-Widget star rating system can be added to any website (e.g. WordPress, Blogger, WiX), it is fully customizable, cross-browser & multilingual system. Our rating system has the largest collection of rating styles, both thumbs & stars. The implementation is easy as copy-paste, and the best part – we host the ratings for FREE.

Why should I add a Rating System for my website?

It’s a super-effective way of getting instant feedback from your readers, on the quality of your site content. Whether it’s a blog post, web page, image or what ever piece/element of your website that you want rated. Plus our thumb & star ratings are beautiful and absolutly free!

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