Mar 31 2017

Sundaram Finance Reviews #cheap #finance

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Sundaram Finance Reviews

Having good customer service. Customer satisfaction is very High. Good Brand Image in Market

1 Personal Growth is very low
2 No Clarity of Internal policies
3 Too Many Bosses
4 No Transparent appraisals ,Done only on face to face basis
5 Very Conservative
6 So much work pressure
7 No separate departments Business collections operations and customer service to be taken care by single employee which is so pathetic
8 Very Week in digital marketing
9 Very low salary compared to industry

Advice to Management

1 Pls change with the changing scenario
2 Separate employees for every vertical at branch level
3 One boss should be there
4 Transparent Appraisal System should be in place

Being a 60 year old company, needless to comment on the pros. attrition rate is very less. Company has a very good culture. Employees are treated as human beings. Work life balance is good. Salary will be on time. No doubt. Corp finance dep is an excellent dep. Clients are quite satisfied. Very good management. Company gives importance to learning and spends time on training the employees. Prayer/pooja is done every friday. Good to join as a fresher.

Salary is low when compared to others. No incentives or very less incentives. Company follows traditional processes. Politics does exist in every department. Low market share since the company is risk averse. At times dominated by the Brahmin community but other are not ill treated.

Advice to Management

Management is easily approachable. very supportive. One advice to them is to expand their areas of finance opportunities.

The best reason for one could be the fact that it gives you a genuine package in the starting .The tiresome experience of handling both front office and back office can equip a person for better performance in banks

The biggest issue that an MBA person finds is the non congruency between the studies which he did and its applicability .The collection part is worst as it doesnt help a lot and even if you collect money from the customers it doesnt bring lot of pride .Besides all this there is a zero growth for minimum 4 years which can frustate an employee.

Advice to Management

I think the company must really shuffle the job profile so that people can gain a lot of learning .The company should really give a thought about the salary structure and must make it lucid .

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